Shaman Token Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Shaman Token Hearthstone Decklist Guide – The Shaman Token is a Shaman deck that tries to fill the board with small minions as fast as possible. To do this, this deck relies on tokens, or minions that emerge from other card effects.
Even though it didn’t look threatening, with a few buffs belonging to Shaman, this group of small minions could suddenly produce enormous amounts of damage.
Even though it looks very one dimensional and weak to face several decks, the Shaman Token turns out to be quite consistent and has several alternative ways to win the match.


Shaman Token Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
As the name suggests, most of the contents of this deck are cards that can produce small tokens and minions. Some cards that can do this include Primalfin Totem, Fire Fly, and Bloodsail Corsair which are equipped with Patches The Pirate.
To complete that you can also use the Jade Golem package, namely Jade Claws and Jade Lightning. The aim is not to create a Jade Golem army, but once again to fill the board with small minions as quickly as possible.
To increase your small minion value in trading, bring Flametongut Totem. Finally, Bloodlust is a mandatory card because it is your main win condition.
Finally, so that you don’t run out of “gasoline” in the middle of the road, enter Flametongue Totem. Then for clear board and removal, use Maelstrom Portal and also Hex.

Variant, Tech Choice, and Flavor Card

The decklist I show on the side is a slightly slower version and uses some mid-game and late game minions. For a little extra power in mid-game, I use Stonehill Defender which can provide additional minions.
Then for the late game I used Thing From Below and also Doppelgangster which can be combined with Evolve. Despite sacrificing speed in issuing tokens, this list is a bit more consistent if the opponent can postpone the game to the late game.
For removal, I also replaced Hex with Devolve. This ensures that if the Devolve-affected minion doesn’t have Taunt, I can enter additional damage from the minion on the board.
If you want to use a faster list, you can replace Doppelgangster and Evolve with other cards such as Jade Spirit and/or Argent Squire.
For tech choice, Hungry Crab is a good choice if you often face Murloc-themed decks. After all, if you don’t, you can still eat the Murloc that you produced from Primalfin Totem.
If you face a lot of Pirates, you can use Golakka Crawler which can also eat one of your Pirates. Not only that, both Hungry Crab and Golakka Crawlers are quite cheap and have a place on this deck.


Shaman Token Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
Since the first turn, you want to continue to fill the board as fast and as much as possible. This means you have to look for Fire Fly or Bloodsail Corsair. In the second turn, your ideal turn is Flametongue Totem to conduct value trades and attack initiatives, or Primalfin Totem to issue more minions.
In this position, if your opponent doesn’t respond immediately, you can continue to fill the board and do snowball. If in turn five you have a full and Bloodlust board, you can get lethal easily.
Unfortunately, your opponent might not let this happen, and you have to trade efficiently. Well, this is where some mid-game cards like Thing From Below will help offset the opponent’s mid-game. Then Jade cards like Jade Claws and Jade Lightning will also help to trade while refilling the board.
Shaman Token Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Overall, how to play using this deck is actually quite clear. If you face an aggressive deck, make sure you can overlay the tempo by maximizing the value of the minion and spell that you have. That way you will automatically get the advantage of the board.
Cards such as the Maelstrom Portal, Jade Claws, and Jade Lightning will be very helpful for this.
If you face a control deck, you want to play as much as possible. Don’t give your opponent a chance until mid and late game. Because in that phase, they will usually have a clear board that can finish your minion easily.
If in the worst situation you are held until mid or late game, cards like Devolve or Hex will really help give you space to do finishing blow. Then if you turn out to use Doppelgangster and Evolve, you can at least compensate for the mid and late game of your opponent.
Shaman Token Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
On paper, these decks can compensate for aggressive decks and mid-range. But you must be able to maximize the value of each card and minion that you have.
The same is true when dealing with control decks. But because the control deck usually has enough clear board, usually you will be a little overwhelmed to maintain the board that you have.