Quest Warrior UnGoro Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Quest Warrior UnGoro Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide – The Warrior Quest is a Warrior deck that relies on the Fire Plume’s Heart Quest card as the main way to win and gameplay. Therefore this deck automatically uses many Taunt minions and clear board.
The goal is to complete the Quest as quickly as possible, then finish off the enemy as quickly as possible with the clear board once you install Sulfuras from the Quest reward.
Overall, these decks have gameplay that is quite straightforward and easy to understand. Then, unlike the super expensive Control Warrior, this deck is actually quite easy to get because it doesn’t require too much dust.


Quest Warrior UnGoro Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
In order to complete the Quest as quickly as possible, almost all the minions on this deck clearly have Taunt. But the selected minions are of course strong enough and have great value.
Tar Creeper, Alley Armorsmith, and Bloodhoof Brave are good cards in defensive conditions. Then Stonehill Defender and Direhorn Hatchling are Taunts that can produce additional Taunt minions, so that helps you complete the Quest.
After that, take the various clear board and removal that you have. Ravaging Ghoul, Whirlwind, Sleep With The Fishes, Brawl, and Primordial Drake are options for clear boards, while Fiery War Ax and Execute are your choices for removal.
This clear and removal board will be very useful for removing pressure from opponents, especially aggressive decks, and making new Sulfuras Hero Power able to hit the target you want. Primordial Drake itself is a very good card because besides the clear board, this card.
Finally, take a few cards draws. In the list beside, I use Acolyte of Pain that synergizes with Ravaging Ghoul and Whirlwind, Battle Rage, and Curator. The Curator itself is a very good card on this deck because in addition to having Taunt.
He can also attract other Taunts on the deck, namely Direhorn Hatchling and Primordial Drake. In addition, you can use armor enhancers like Armorsmith.

Variant, Tech Choice, and Flavor Card

Because it has very straightforward gameplay, this deck has almost no variants at all.
But how defensive or aggressive you can be as you wish. The list that I use besides deliberately taking more card draw so that I can still balance the tempo and initiative of the opponent without having to run out of cards.
If you still need hard removal, you can replace Battle Rage and Slam with Shield Slam. If you still need Taunt to last longer in the game, you can change the Slam and/or Battle Rage with the Dirty Rat.
Finally, if you still need armor, you can replace Slams with Shield Blocks. But unless you want to simultaneously use the Shield Slam inside the deck, I think you will get enough armor with Armorsmith, provided you can use it at the right time.


Quest Warrior UnGoro Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
Broadly speaking, the use of this deck is actually quite straightforward. Your goal is to use as many minions as possible throughout the game and as much as possible on the curve. But how fast can you pump this minion out depending on the opponent you are facing.
When you face an aggressive deck, control your opponent’s tempo and aggression first. This means that during Mulligan, you have to look for quick removals like Fiery War Ax, Slam, or clear board.
In fact, when facing aggressive decks, you can already win as long as you can “dry” your opponent’s ammunition. Therefore, facing aggressive decks that play very fast, it never hurts to throw the Quest card from the opening hand to increase the chances of getting early game removal.
Quest Warrior UnGoro Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
While you resist the aggression of your opponent with the removal, clear board, and Taunt minions that you have, your opponent must run out of ammunition. From there you can turn things around easily, either with a minion on the board or with Sulfuras.
Facing a mid-range deck, your playing style is different. Your goal is to complete the Quest while overcoming the opponent’s key card with the right counterplay. As long as you can do this, over time you will be able to turn things around in the late game.
When facing a control deck, you have to play proactively. Complete the quest as quickly as possible and press the opponent as soon as possible. Even though these decks play quite defensively, you will lose value in the face of control decks such as Priest or Jade Druids. So, beat it as soon as possible before it’s too late.
Quest Warrior UnGoro Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
Don’t be rash using Sulfuras once you get it. Despite being the main win condition, the new Sulfuras and Die Insect will be effective in ideal conditions, ie the opponent has almost no minions on the board at all, or you have a clear board in hand. As long as this condition is not fulfilled, save Sulfuras and find a way to overcome the opponent’s board first.
Not only that, using Sulfuras means replacing the initial Hero Power which is one of your best mechanisms for survival. Facing any deck, when you use Sulfuras in a state of being left behind, your chances of losing will be even greater.
Therefore, it is wise to use an important clear board and Sulfuras. Use sulfur only when you feel superior or balanced on the board control.
Quest Warrior UnGoro Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 5
As long as you know the best option for surviving enemies while paying off Quest, this deck is actually quite easy to use. Facing mid-range and ordinary control decks, these decks can win quite easily.
However, if you face super aggressive decks or deck controls that are very value oriented, this deck can be defeated because it cannot compensate for the opponent’s gameplay and run out of clear board and removal before being able to safely use Sulfuras.