Pirate Warrior UnGoro Standard: Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Pirate Warrior UnGoro Standard: Hearthstone Decklist Guide – The Pirate Warrior is a super aggressive deck that utilizes the Pirate card synergy to take over the control board quickly. Since it first appeared on Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, this deck is very well known for its ability to produce damage from weapons and minions continuously.

If you can’t compensate, your opponent will lose in an instant because he continues to receive damage each turn.

Since one of the cards has been hit with a balance, the emergence of Un’Goro expansion, as well as the rotation of the new Standard, this deck has undergone a slight change. Even so, important cards and deck play styles remain unchanged.



Pirate Warrior UnGoro Standard: Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1

Since being hit by nerf, Small-Time Buccaneer is no longer a mandatory card on this deck and is replaced by the respective tech card. But other early game cards such as Nzoth’s First Mate, Southsea Deckhand, The Pirate Patches, and Bloodsail Raider are still there to give you the advantage of early games.
Weapons such as Fiery War Ax and Arcanite Reaper will also be very helpful in producing damage and controlling the board when needed. These weapons can also be synergized with cards such as Upgrade, Bloodsail Cultist, Naga Corsair, and Bloodsail Raider.
Then in the row where there are three costs, there is Southsea Captain who buffs all the Pirates we discussed above, Bloodsail Cultist who gives buffs to your weapons, and Frothing Berserker which gives a stronger board presence.
Finally, some chargers such as Kor’kron Elite and Leeroy Jenkins, as well as damage bursts such as Mortal Strike and Heroic Strike can act as the main finisher.

Tech Choice and Flavor Card

Because Small-Time Buccaneer is no longer a mandatory card, you have more room to determine your chosen tech choice. If you just want to get a board presence, Ravasaur Runt or Vicious Fledgling can be your choice. If you often meet another Pirate Warrior or Rogue, you can use Golakka Crawler to get the swing tempo.

If you often get opponents who play a lot of Taunt, you can use the Bittertide Hydra which can eat almost all of the opponent’s Taunt minions. Finally, if you don’t have Leeroy Jenkins, you can use minions with other charges like Reckless Rocketeer, Argent Commander, or Wolfrider. If not, you can install Southsea Captain or Naga Corsair second.



Pirate Warrior UnGoro Standard: Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2

Well, a glimpse of how to win the game using the Pirate Warrior is to attack as many opponents as possible since the beginning of the game. But that can’t just happen, because the source of damage on this deck is also limited.
At the beginning of the game, always look for one of the Pirates with which one costs, especially Nzoth’s First Mate. By playing the Pirate, Patches will exit the deck and you start the game with two minions on the board.
With a very significant board advantage at level one, you can easily do snowball and continue to produce damage from either weapons or minions. Then if you are in lethal range, complete the game with minion, burst damage, and / or weapons that you have.
Pirate Warrior UnGoro Standard: Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
There are a number of things you must pay attention to. First, make sure Patches are not in your hands at the start of the game. Second, maximize all the weapons you have, especially powerful weapons like the Fiery War Ax and also Arcanite Reaper.
For example, you have Nzoth’s First Mate, Bloodsail Raider, Fiery War Ax, Bloodsail Cultist, and coins in hand. In that situation, Nzoth’s First Mate will be a dead card because you almost always use Fiery War Ax and Bloodsail Raider in the first two turns. So, instead of being a dead card, it’s better to replace it.
Also make sure you use Bloodsail Cultist and also Frothing Berserker as optimally as possible, aka to give you more damage. This means that there will be a moment where you have to trade to your opponent’s minions using your weapon to protect important minions that can cause continuous damage.
Finally, always pay attention to your opponent’s health and yourself at certain times. If you have approached in lethal distance, make sure you don’t waste the burst damage you have.
Pirate Warrior UnGoro Standard: Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
If the opponent cannot balance or minimize the damage you produce, you can win the match very quickly. However, if the opponent can balance your early game, and force you to trade and make minions that are the source of damage, you will be helpless because you ran out of cards in your hand.
Almost all control decks that have early games and defensive mechanisms can compensate for Pirate Warrior aggression. But that doesn’t mean this matchup is impossible, because the Pirate Warrior can actually win against almost all decks. You only need to know what you are dealing with and how you deal with it.