Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Paladin event is one of the decks which is quite popular, arguably and the most powerful in the expansion of The Witchwood.
This deck has a banging power that is quite strong in the early game, but still has the potential for a very strong late game.Finally, this deck is also quite flexible with very different gameplay options depending on the card you entered.


Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Actually, named Even Paladin, Genn Greymane is a mandatory card on this deck. Then another card that you have to enter is the card with the even number.
Whatever flavor you choose on this deck, you must enter Call to Arms, Lightfused Stegodon, Sunkeeper Tarim, Drygulch Jailor, Knife Juggler, Truesilver Champion, Blessing of Kings, Equality, and Consecration.
Call to Arms is the main reason why Paladin is so strong in this expansion. The effect that draws three cards at the same time is a very strong swing tempo.
Knife Juggler is a key card that perfects to strength your deck in early game. If it is issued early and cannot be answered, it can produce damage that has a large impact. He can also get out of the Call to Arms while making damage. Even in the mid game he also remains strong especially if you have a token from Drygulch Jailer in hand.
There are many ways to use the Silverhand Recruit that you get from Hero Power or Drygulch Jailer. You have many ways to give them buffs. From the card I mentioned above, there is the Sunkeeper Tarim, the Silver Blade, and also the Lightfused Stegodon.
Then you can also enter the Blessing of Kings and Spikeridged Steed. Equality also allows you to make efficient trades with this token. Everything is able to make your opponent not to underestimate even one token.
Finally, Equality, Consecration, and Truesilver Champion function for tempo and removal. Truesliver Champion functions to protect the small minions that you have so that they are not killed by your opponent.  While the Consecration is clear for the clear board. If combined with Equality, Consecration can also be the answer for the opponent’s big minions.

Flavor, Variant, and Tech Card

Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
There are several cards that you can use to complete the key cards above. For early games, you can enter Amani Berserker for a stronger board control. Loothoarder covers the weakness of this deck in the card draw in the early game.
Dire Wolf Alpha is able to open options to play more aggressively or tempo-based. While Vicious Scalehide can be a strong tempo card throughout the game if combined with buff.
You can use one or two Lightfused Stegodon depending on how far you want to use the tokens you make. Some lists instead chose not to use additional generator tokens at all. That means throwing Lightfused Stegodon and Drygulch Jailor for the option of a more independent early game or a bang on the late game.
Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
If you want to play more aggressively in terms of producing damage, you only need to find a source of instant damage, whether it’s from a charge, a weapon, or a spell. To charge, the best option you can use is Argent Commander.
While for weapons there is Val’anyr who also synergizes with Argent Commander. Then, for the spell there is Avenging Wrath which, when combined with Equality, can do a clear board while producing damage to your opponent.
You can also focus more on using tokens. In addition to two Drygulch Jailor and two Lightfused Stegodon, enter the Crystal Lion and Sea Giant.
For tech choice, you can enter Acidic Swamp Ooze in the face of meta-games that are full of powerful weapons such as Skull of Man’ari and the opponent’s Paladin. Facing big opponents taunt, you can enter the Spellbreaker for Silence. If you need a taunt card, Saronite Chain Gang is the best choice besides Spikeridged Steed.


Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
In almost all matchups, you want to save the early game card that you have. Also, always look for Call to Arms, especially in the mirror match. If you face decks that rely on weapons such as Cubelock, Hunter, or Paladin.
Always use Hero Power in the first turn even if you hold a coin. You want to use coins in a more important turn later. After all, with the buff you have, your opponent will inevitably try to overcome your board.
Turn the most crucial for this deck is turn four, or three if you hold a coin. Facing aggro, you generally want to excel in the tempo. That’s why you want to keep the Call to Arms from the beginning of the game.
If you don’t have clear board, your opponent will be forced to play more reactive. That way you have room to play more proactively and strengthen your superiority by continuing to remove minions or use buffs.
Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 5
If you control or a slower deck, you want to play a little more aggressively. Ideally you want to use the Blessing of Kings buff to one of the minions. That way you can generate damage and put one serious threat on the board from the start.
This deck has many late game options. But ideally you want to continue to issue pressure and produce damage from the start. The goal is to force opponents to use removal and AoE so that your late game card can come out easily.
The second goal is so that you can finish the match immediately before your opponent cannot be dammed in the late game. This will obviously be different for each matchup. But in general you will use the approach to face a slower deck.
Paladin Event Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 6
Always pay attention to matchup aka your opponent. You have answers to almost all conditions or counters. But as usual, combinations like Equality plus Consecration or Avenging Wrath can only be done once or twice. So make sure you know when the ideal time to use each card is in each matchup.