Odd Dude Paladin Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Odd Dude Paladin Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Odd Dude Paladin is a Paladin deck that uses a new card in the expansion of The Witchwood, Baku The Mooneater.
Similar to the Paladin Token in the previous meta-game, this deck plays using Silverman Recruit’s synergy and tends to play quite aggressively. Although it has very clear and predictable limitations, this deck is quite fast and has damage that is sometimes unexpected.


Odd Dude Paladin Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
The first card that you have to enter is Baku The Mooneater. With Hero Power that brings up two Silverhand Recruit, you want to maximize this effect in two ways.
First is the Silverhand Recruit generator and other small minions. You can get additional Silverhand Recruit from Lost in The Jungle, Vincleaver, and also Unidentified Maul (if lucky). Then to complete that you can fill your deck with other small minions like Righteous Protector and Fire Fly.
Second is to maximize the damage produced by this small minion. For the Silverhand Recruit army, you have Level Up! Then for all your minions you have the Blessing of Might, the Raid Leader, the Fungalmancer, and also Stormwind Champion.
Then for hand-refill you have a Divine Favor which is one of the strongest draw cards in Hearthstone. To protect the small minions you have, use Tar Creeper or Stonehill Defender. Then to break the opponent’s taunt and end the game, use Ironbeak Owl.


Odd Dude Paladin Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
This deck has many different versions. The version I use is homemade which tends to be more all-in and aggressive with Leeroy Jenkins for burst damage. But this sacrificed a little the strength of the early game because it reduced the number of small minions.
If you want to add minions in the early game, you can use Dire Mole and Archeus Veteran. Enter as a substitute for Leeroy Jenkins or one Vinecleaver.
As another option in the mid game, you can also use Corridor Creeper to replace Leeroy Jenkins, one small minion, or one Vinecleaver.


Odd Dude Paladin Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Facing any matchup, you want to fill and continue to fill the board throughout the early game. With the number of minions with 1 where the cost plus Hero Power, you should be able to fill the board easily.
Maintain the board as much as possible. Trade only if you trade profitably or break even. Also make sure you can refill the board after making a trade. If you cannot make profitable trades, ignore the opponent’s minions by attacking your face or not attacking at all.
Blessing of Might and Raid Leader are also useful throughout the beginning of the game. Both can be the initial pressure to face more passive opponents or tools to compensate for more aggressive opponents.
Odd Dude Paladin Witchwood Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
Entering turn four or five, you want to strengthen the minion on the board. Use Fungalmancer or Level Up! depending on what you have at the time, both on the board and in the hand.
Entering this point, you have to start thinking about the way you end the game and play much more aggressively. Make sure you can still maintain a number of minions on the board. That way you can end the match with a buff from the card like Stormwind Champion. You can refill the board with Vinecleaver and Hero Power.
This deck is very effective because it is able to create pressure and produce damage from small minions that are reinforced by other cards from the beginning of the game. If you can’t produce enough damage throughout the early and mid game, this deck will be very difficult.
Due to entering the late game, the little minion you have is sometimes too weak to face the clear board. So, maximize the damage you have since the beginning of the game.