Murloc Paladin Kobolds StandardHearthstone Decklist Guide

Murloc Paladin Kobolds Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Murloc Paladin still survives in Hearthstone’s meta-game after the expansion of Kobolds and Catacombs. Not only that, this deck is actually one of the decks which is quite strong in several tier lists.
Kobolds and Catacombs provides several tools for Murloc Paladin to do the swing tempo and fill the board quickly. Because it can do that, these decks now always function as aggressive decks, and no longer have mid-range variants.


Murloc Paladin Kobolds StandardHearthstone Decklist Guide 1
The key cards for Murloc Paladin’s deck remain unchanged, namely Murloc. Vilefin Inquisitor, Rockpool Hunter, Murloc Warleader, Hydrologist, and several other Murloc cards. Then to maximize snowball potential, don’t forget to enter Gentle Megasaur, which will give buffs to Murloc, you will be mid game.
One of the new cards that you must enter on this deck is Call to Arms. With this card, you can draw three Murloc to fill the board quickly. This will really help you master the board efficiently. If the opponent cannot overcome the Murloc, you can then follow up with Gentle Megasaur.
Then don’t forget Corridor Creeper. Since you will often issue minions from the start of the game, Corridor Creeper can generally be played in the range of turn three or four.
Because it will often play the minion directly from the hand, you will often run out of cards. Cover the deficiency with a Divine Favor that allows you to refill, especially facing the control deck.

Variant and Tech Choice

Because of the large amount of Murloc that you have to put in the deck, Murloc Paladin doesn’t have much room for variety. Because playing aggressively you generally will always have something on the board. But if you often face aggressive decks that focus on boards such as Zoo or Agro Druid, you can replace one Grimscale Oracle with one Consecration.
If you often face deck control, you can replace Grimscale Oracle with Val’anyr. This will give you a little extra burst damage and a power minion that is difficult to overcome.


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Nothing has changed from the Murloc Paladin gameplay. Because playing as an aggressive deck, always trying to find and play your early game minions, especially Murloc.
Your job is to fill the board with Murloc as efficiently as possible and do snowball from it. If you are not forced, make sure you maximize the synergy of Murloc that you have. If not, you will actually make potential damage that you really need to kill your opponent.
In almost all situations, always keep the Call To Arms in the Mulligan phase. If you are left behind on board business, this card allows you to compensate quickly. If you are already superior, you can strengthen your superiority especially if you are lucky to attract good minions (eg Grimscale Oracle).
Murloc Paladin Kobolds StandardHearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Something similar also applies to Corridor Creeper, but only if you guarantee you have options in the first three turns. If not, you will not get enough discounts and this card will die in your hands for too long.
If your early game runs well, you should be able to do snowball. Then in turn four or five you can use Gentle Megasaur to reach the lethal range. But again, the synergy of Minion is the main tool on this deck both aggressively and defensively. So, be careful and don’t just play the minion just like that.