Miracle Rogue Hearthstone (Un’Goro Standard) Decklist Guide

Miracle Rogue Hearthstone (Un’Goro Standard) Decklist Guide- Miracle Rogue is one of the oldest decks that has been circulating in Hearthstone meta-games. By type, these decks are included in mid-range combo decks, because they rely on swing tempo and / or burst damage resulting from multiple cards in one turn.
What makes it unique is that this deck has the ability to draw lots of cards from inside the deck, and is almost guaranteed to find the combo pieces he is looking for.
In one turn, this deck can make a “miracle” by finding all the cards that it needs, and suddenly win the match even though it looks like it is stuck.


Miracle Rogue Hearthstone (Un’Goro Standard) Decklist Guide 1
For the early game, this deck has a Pirate package that is synergistic, namely Swashburglar and of course the Pirate Patches. The combination of both can give you significant initiatives in the early game. Even if you don’t get it in the first turn, both of them still have a function on this deck, for example activating Sherazin or giving buffs to the Questing Adventurer.
This deck has several winning conditions. The first is with Edwin vanCleef or the giant Adventurous Questing that opponents cannot resist. The second is with a burst of damage from the swing tempo on the board thanks to the low-cost combination of spells you have. From there you can then finish off your opponent with burst damage or pressure on the board.
To be able to play many cards in one turn or find the required combo pieces, you need the optimal draw engine card. Well, this is where the role of cards like Gadgetzan Auctioneer plays a big role. With the effect of giving card draw every time you use a spell card, this minion allows you to draw large numbers in one turn.
The synergy of Gadgetzan Auctioneer in Rogue is very strong in this class and deck, because important cards such as Eviscerate and Preparation, and other Rogue spell cards are indeed very cheap. Especially in the current Standard version, this deck has Counterfeit Coin, Razorpetal Lasher, and Hallucination which makes the card draw from this deck even stronger.

Tech Choice and Flavor Card

Because it is included in the combo deck, Miracle Rogue doesn’t have much room for tech choice. Even if there is, you might be able to exchange Counterfeit Coin with matchup that you often encounter.
For example if you often meet Pirate, take Golakka Crawler. If you often meet Murloc, bring Hungry Crab. If you find that you need an additional card engine, enter Mimic Pod.
For win condition, you have several alternative choices. In this decklist I rely on board pressure with Arcane Giant. But you can also rely on burst damage with Leeroy Jenkins and Cold Blood.

How to play

At the beginning of the game, you need to get the Pirate card inside the deck. Playing Swashburglar followed by Patches The Pirate will give you power on the board, which automatically gives you time to collect important minions and spells to mid game later.
Miracle Rogue Hearthstone (Un’Goro Standard) Decklist Guide 2
The final turn on the deck is of course starting to turn six, seven, or eight when you can play Gadgetzan Auctioneer plus some inexpensive spells. But don’t be stingy to pull out a spell or create pressure before that turn.
If you can remove vanCleef or a large enough Questing Adventurer at the beginning of the game, don’t hesitate to do it. Questing or vanCleef with a body of at least 4/4 in your third turn will force your opponent to play more reactive, making you have a safer mid game and late game.
Miracle Rogue Hearthstone (Un’Goro Standard) Decklist Guide 3
One thing you should pay attention to in using these decks is to use spells wisely. Although it’s cheap and can be used almost anytime, make sure you save as many inexpensive spells as possible. By entering six, seven or eight turns, you can get the maximum possible value from Gadgetzan.
If you can do an effective combo in the mid game, you should be able to do the swing tempo and take the game’s advantage significantly. From here your job is to find a way to kill your opponent either with minion or burst damage. Don’t rash your too many minions or strong spells. Because if it is resisted at once, you will lose win condition.
Using Miracle Rogue is a difficult thing. Because to be able to find out what card to use, you must know deck matchup one by one. On paper, these decks have difficulty facing aggressive decks that don’t give you time to setup at all. But if you can’t navigate this deck properly, don’t expect you can use this deck effectively.