Jade Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Jade Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide – The Shaman still remains one of the strongest classes in Hearthstone’s current meta game. With the addition of the Jade Golem cards, now the Shaman has a new variant of the mid-range archetype.
This deck is centered on small minions and weapons to play aggressively while controlling the board at the start of the game. Then approaching the late-game, this deck is able to put pressure on the board with the synergy of the Jade Golem owned. What is the decklist and how to play it? Let’s look at the guide together.


Jade Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Jade Shaman still uses cards such as Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, and Feral Spirit to put pressure on the early game. Jade Claws and Spirit Claws are also used to control the board at the start of the game, while preparing you to build a tempo for the arrival of the Minion Jade Golem in the middle of the game.
Jade Lightning, Jade Spirit, Aya Blackpaw, and Jade Chieftain become mandatory minions as well as the reason why these decks are called Jade Shaman. You can create synergy between these minions and Brann Bronzebeard to create a large Jade Golem faster in mid-game.
In addition to the Lightning Storm, Maelstrom Portal, and Feral Spirit, the presence of Jinyu Waterspeaker provides an extra solution when dealing with aggro decks. Against buff cards like Paladin or Rogue, Devolve is the right solution.
Your options for winning in using these decks are quite diverse. You can use Bloodlust in mid-game to find lethal. If it’s not possible, you can control the board and flood it with the Jade Golem.
In fact, in some match ups that are quite slow like Priest or Mage, you can win matches by playing aggressively in the beginning using early minion and increasing the attack power using Flametongue Totem.

Card Variation

Jade Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
The deck that you see here is one of the Jade Shaman variations without using Pirate cards. Of course you can replace the Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem with a package of Pirate, Patches, Small-Time Buccaneer, and Southsea Deckhand if you want to have a stronger and more consistent early game.
You can also enter one Evolve card to take advantage of the value of the Jade Golem which continues to increase every time it is played. Moreover, if you can use Evolve to change which Seven Chieftain has, which eight minions are generally good (Ragnaros the Firelord, Tirion Fordring, or Al’Akir the Windlord).

How to play

Jade Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
At the beginning of the game, as much as possible you must have an early game card such as the Trogg Tunnel, Totem Golem, or one of the two weapons it has. The most ideal turn is the Trogg Tunnel on one turn, then followed by the Jade Claws or Totem Golem in the second turn.
If your start is ideal, the conditions on your board will be a threat to the enemy and force it to trade or use removal inefficiently.
On this Jade Shaman deck, you are not required to continue to go face (SMORC) to ignore the opponent’s minion on the board. Instead, do the trade if you think it is efficient. Because your goal on this deck is to control the board while looking for gaps to find lethal using Bloodlust or Flametongue Totem.
Jade Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
Supposedly, as long as you can curve properly (Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem / Jade Claws, Jade Spirit / Jade Lightning), you can win matches relatively easily between turns five to ten.
The situation that can make this deck lose is that it can’t finish off the enemy on time so that they can do combos like Miracle Rogue, Malygos Druid, or Reno Warlock.
AoE cards like Flamestrike, Blizzard, Hellfire, Excavating Evil, or even Twisting Nether are the main enemies of this deck that can make you lose tempo and control board. So, if you face the deck carrying the card, don’t recklessly lower all the minions you have.