Jade Druid Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Jade Druid Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide – As the name implies, Druid Jade is a deck that relies on the Jade Golem mechanism as a win condition.
Generally, these decks play quite slowly at the start of the game, but then begin to make the opponent overwhelmed with the endless army of large Jade Golems. The idea is more easily executed if this deck successfully ramps quickly.
Since the expansion of the Knights of the Frozen Throne, Jade Druid has gotten a tool that covers his weaknesses. The presence of Ultimate Infestation allows Druids to refill after all-in to ramp. Then the Spreading Plague makes Druids survive longer while waiting until it gets to the late game.


Jade Druid Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Because of the Jade Golem theme, take all the Jade Golem cards that you can get, without exception. Jade Idol is your main win condition because it allows you to cycle continuously. But for that you still need Jade Spirit, Jade Blossom, Jade Behemoth, and Aya Blackpaw to setup and balance the early and mid games.
To be able to reach this win condition easily, the ramp mechanism will be very helpful. Therefore don’t forget to enter all the ramp cards that you have, namely Innervate, Wild Growth, Mire Keeper, and Nourish. Then don’t forget to enter Ultimate Infestation as a card draw after doing the ramp as well as removal and heal.
Then to compensate for the opponent’s aggression in the early game, enter removal, clear board, and Taunt like Wrath, Swipe, Spreading Plague, and Malfurion The Pestilence. That way you have time to ramp and develop the Jade Golem.


This deck has several variants to adapt to different meta games. The list I use on the side tends to be very greedy because it still carries the Innervate and two Mire Keepers to ramp earlier. Then for late games, I also still use Lich King and Primordial Drake.
Since getting nerf, Innervate is no longer required to be entered and you can replace it with a tech card. Because of the many tempo decks that appear, many Jade Druids then bring Mind Control Tech to try to reverse the tempo. Then for late games, the Lich King was also replaced with Kun The Forgotten King for flexibility in attacking and defending and the swing tempo.


Jade Druid Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
The big idea of ​​this deck is actually quite simple. Do ramp or acceleration with Wild Growth or Jade Blossom so you get which advantage from the opponent. While doing that, the Jade Golem installment can reach stats that are quite large once you step on the late game.
Thanks to Ultimate Infestation, you don’t need to worry about running out of cards at hand due to ramping too many times in a row. This card will help you fly the tempo by killing your opponent’s minions, then refill your thinning hands.
If you manage to ramp well, you can take advantage of the crystal’s superiority by playing a large minion that is hard to resist. Then if the situation is right, you can start filling the board with the Jade Golem through the Jade Idol cycle.
Jade Druid Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Don’t be rash using the Jade Idol cycle too fast. Even though it allows you to spam the Jade Golem quickly, filling the deck with three Jade Idols means minimizing your chances of pulling another card.
This can have a big impact if you are still trying to seize control of the game from your opponent, and need one or two other cards that you still haven’t pulled from the deck.
Ideally, the Jade Golem should be used at the end of the late game, when your opponent has run out of ammunition to kill you or overtake the forces of the Jade Golem you made.
Also, pay attention and take into account your survival options, especially facing aggressive decks. If your opponent does play aggressively, there are times when you have to delay doing the ramp or making the Jade Golem to overtake the opponent’s minion.
Jade Druid Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
As I mentioned above, one of the weaknesses of this deck is that tempo lags are mainly facing more aggressive decks. This deck doesn’t have a strong board clear and the Spreading Plague only functions to delay the game for two or three turns.
But if your opponent is able to place several strong minions on the board from the start of the game, you will soon be troubled.