Handbuff Elemental Paladin Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Handbuff Elemental Paladin Hearthstone Decklist Guide – The Handbuff Elemental Paladin is a mid-range Paladin deck that utilizes the synergy of Elemental minions that just appeared in Hearthstone in early April.
To complete the synergy that is very strong, this deck also uses handbuff mechanics from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. That way, even Elementals who have a very strong effect are more difficult to handle because they have stats above the average.
If you succeed in running the synergy, this deck has mid-game power that is difficult to stem. From there this deck can take control of the game thanks to the dominance of the board.


As the name implies, this deck consists of two basic components, namely handbuff and Elemental.
Handbuff Elemental Paladin Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
For handbuffs, you need all the handbuff cards that the Paladin has, namely Smuggler’s Run, Grimestreet Outfitter, and also Grimestreet Enforcer. Both give buff + 1 / + 1 to all minions in hand, giving a very high value if you have a lot of minions in hand when playing it.
Then for Elemental, use all Elemental packages from Journey to Un’Goro. Fire Fly, Servant of Kalimos, Tar Creeper, and Blazecaller are some of the best choices that I feel you must enter. Then to complete it, you can use Phoenix’s Fire Plume, Tol’Vir Stoneshaper, and Igneous Elemental which also has great synergy with other Elemental and handbuff effects that you have inside the deck.
To complete this deck, you can enter several defensive cards. Peacekeeper Aldor, Truesilver Champion, and some Taunt cards. For the decklist on the side, I entered Stonehill Defender which could give powerful Taunt minions like Tirion Fordring or Sunkeeper Tarim.
One card that I want to specifically call Hydrologist. Even though you only have stats 2/2, this card can produce a Secret that will be useful. Some Secret Paladins that are actually ugly if they are included in the deck turn out to have high value if you can get them for free.

Tech Choice and Flavor Card

There are many tech choice cards that you can choose on this deck. If you often face decks that use Pirate, Golakka Crawler is certainly a mandatory choice. If you need AoE or clear board to deal with decks like Zoo or Taunt Warrior, you can bring Equality and Consecration.
If you have, you can also replace one of Stonehill Defender with Wickerflame Burnbristle. For late game alternatives, even if it’s not needed, you can also enter Tirion Fordring.


Handbuff Elemental Paladin Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
In the Mulligan phase, you want to get the ideal curve, aka have a card that can be played on turn one, two, and three. As much as possible get Smuggler’s Run or Grimestreet Outfitter so you can play it right away. If you face the Pirate deck, save Golakka Crawler if you bring it.
At the beginning of the game, use a handbuff if you get it. From there, you only need to curve out with the minions who have got the buff. Entering the third turn, you must start carefully thinking about the Elemental synergies that you have.
If you want to take advantage of the Elemental effect at the next turn, make sure you use the Elemental in the previous turn.
Due to Elemental synergy and effects, entering the mid game, you should be able to do the tempo swing or get a high value. If the Elemental gets a buff, you also get a pretty strong minion on the board.
From there, you should be able to do snowball, while your opponent will be overwhelmed because you have a board consisting of many powerful minions.
Handbuff Elemental Paladin Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
If you can curving out well, you can face many decks without problems. But if you are not fortunate not to get a handbuff, you might have a little trouble and must rely on the Elemental synergy that you have.
The worst thing that can happen is if your opponent can surpass the tempo significantly without giving you a chance to compensate. This deck requires time to take initiative and excel on the board. If not, you will be bombarded by your opponent without being able to do anything.