Handbuff Paladin Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Handbuff Paladin Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Handbuff Paladin is a Paladin deck that uses handbuff mechanics introduced in the expansion of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.
The big idea is to play a stronger minions to the handbuff to get an edge on the board. But you also still use buff cards from the Paladin and other cards to do the same thing while doing the swing tempo.
The Knights of The Frozen Throne expansion and Journey to Un’Goro gave several additional buff cards. Not only that, this deck also gets several defensive cards which can give a little time to buff important minions.


Handbuff Paladin Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Prince Keleseth is one of the cards that makes these decks become more solid. The effect is to buff all the minions on the deck. This is certainly much better than the Grimestreet Outfitters who give buffs to the minion at hand, and is the reason why this card is better than Outfitters.
Accompanying Prince Keleseth, you also included another Paladin handbuff card, Smuggling Run and Grimestreet Enforcer. Cause that effect, all of your minions are stronger so they are difficult to overcome by opponents, especially minions with divine shields such as Righteous Protector, Corpsetaker, and Wickerflame Burnbristle.
It’s more difficult to overcome and stay on board, you also always have a target to use other buffs like Bonemare and Spikeridged Steed. Then in the late game, you have Tirion Fordring which is always a mainstay.

Variant and Tech Choice

This deck has two versions, namely aggro and mid-range. I myself use the mid-range version which is currently quite popular on the ladder. This version tends to be slower so it doesn’t need a card draw.
The aggro version for these decks uses many cards where one costs such as Argent Squire and Meanstreet Marshall, and Divine Favor and Small-Time Recruits for card draw. The little minion that gets the buff can then buff you again with a card like the Blessing of Kings.
There are many tech cards that you can use. If you face a lot of aggressive decks, you can draw one or two late game cards and enter Consecration. If you face a lot of deck control, you can use Spellbreaker and The Black Knight to handle taunt minions, or Dopplegangsters as additional threats on the board.


Handbuff Paladin Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
The big idea of ​​this deck is to master the board by making the opponent overwhelmed by handling minions that are stronger than they should. You can get this condition by playing Prince Keleseth, Smuggler’s Run, or Grimestreet Enforcer.
Play Price Keleseth immediately if you get it at the opening hand. But for Smuggler’s Run or Grimestreet Enforcer, make sure you play it to get the greatest possible value.
Play the two cards if you can get buffs to at least three minions or more. For Grimestreet Enforcer, the best condition is if you can make it survive for more than one turn. But if not, at least you can force your opponent to use one removal for this minion. That way you can lower other minions more safely.
Handbuff Paladin Frozen Throne Standard Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Always take into account the opponents you face and the cards he might have in hand. If you face a deck that has a clear board, don’t overcommit and play too many minions on the board. Unless you have lethal, your opponent’s fishing rod uses clear board before you play another minion.
As long as you can play effectively, you should be able to overwhelm your opponent with strong minions who come continuously. From there you should be able to win the match from the remaining minions you have.