Face Hunter (Kobolds Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Face Hunter (Kobolds Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Face Hunter returned to the Hearthstone meta game after disappearing during several expansions. Thanks to Kobolds and Catacombs, Hunter gets a number of cards that help him get the tempo and enter considerable damage in quick time.
Like the Face Hunter in general, this deck wants to kill your opponent as quickly as possible before stepping on the late game. Although there are several options or win conditions for late games, these decks generally want to avoid late games because they have a limited source of damage.


Face Hunter (Kobolds Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Two cards that become new tools for Face Hunter are Candle Shot and Dire Mole. Both of these cards provide an early game that is stronger than a card like Fiery Bat or Jeweled Macaw.
Like tempo and aggressive decks in general, Southsea Captain, Patches, and Corridor Creeper must be entered. Then because you have four weapons, Southsea Deckhand is also worthy of you to enter.
The rest is more or less similar to Hunter decks in general. One different thing might be the Tundra Rhino and Leeroy Jenkins which can be a burst damage option as a win condition.


Well, as the name implies, this deck wants to beat your opponent as fast as possible. The trick is to crash the minion into the opponent’s hero as often as possible from the first turn. Minimize trades, unless you want to protect your valuable minions.
Besides that, don’t just play cards and hope you can still kill your opponent immediately. Because this deck wants to beat your opponent as fast as possible, you must be able to maximize each source of damage you have.
Face Hunter (Kobolds Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
For example, if you have Southsea Deckhand and weapons in hand, maybe you should wait one more turn to get Southsea Deckhand to get a charge. That way he can produce damage directly to the opponent’s hero or trade and protect more important minions.
Finally, pay attention to the game timings, what you have in hand, and the potential damage you have in a number of forwards. For example if you have entered the mid game, you must start considering how much damage you need to produce, and how many turns you have to produce the damage.
Face Hunter (Kobolds Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Face Hunter sometimes has fairly narrow win timings. So, you have to know this timing and make a decision when you have to start focusing directly on your opponent and ignore trading. If you wait too long or trade too often, your opponent might board clear, heal, or play taunt and turn things around.