Dragon Combo Priest Post nerf Witchwood Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Dragon Combo Priest Post nerf Witchwood Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Combo Priest is one of the classic Hearthstone decks that has been around for a long time. This deck uses a combination of Divine Spirit and Inner Fire to minions with large Health. Through these combinations, the deck can produce very large burst of damage in just one turn.
Since the expansion of The Witchwood, this deck has two variants, namely with the Dragon package or with Unpowered Steambot. In this guide, we will discuss the Combo Priest with the Dragon package.


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The main combo pieces on this deck are two, namely Divine Spirits and an Inner Fire. In addition you can add Power Word: Shield which also functions as a card draw.
The second combo piece for this deck is the minion that is the target of the two spells. The ideal minion is those who have high health. In this deck variant, your main choice is Twilight Drake. Two other choices are Primordial Drake which also functions as boardclear, as well as the Wyrm Guard.
Some of the contents of this deck are tools to find and maximize the combo. To find the combo you obviously need to draw. Northshire Cleric and Acolyte of Pain are one of the ideal choices because they are small minions with high health.
You also need Shadow Vision to enter because you can ‘cheat’ and immediately take the combo piece you want.
Card draw also ensures Twilight Drake gets high health when used. Then to make it easier for you to do the combo, enter Radiant Elemental. This card allows you to issue your combo much earlier than it should.
You can fill the rest of the deck with clear and removal. For clear board, besides Primordial Drake, Duskbreaker in mid game is an important card facing aggressive decks.
Then facing the big minion, you can enter Twilight Acolyte. You can combine this Twilight Acolyte effect with Cabal Shadow Priest. This can give you one more target for the Divine Spirit and Inner Fire.
Finally, to make sure you can penetrate the Taunt when you are ready with your combo, make sure to bring Silence, either from Mass Dispel or Silence.


Dragon Combo Priest Post nerf Witchwood Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
Like other combo decks, your job throughout the game is to look for comb pieces and situations that are ideal for using these combos.
Facing a slow deck, you want to get combo pieces as fast as possible. Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, Twilight Drake, or card draw are good cards for the beginning of the game. If you face Handlock, Even Warlock, or a deck that can take out large minions quickly, you can consider saving Twilight Acolyte.
In control matchup you want to be more proactive. Look for your combo pieces as quickly as possible and / or play the minions on the board. The toughest challenge in this matchup is playing the minion with big health, keeping it on the board, and giving it a clear board in order to end the match.
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Get to know your opponent’s removal and make sure you can lure the removal before playing the key minion. Fortunately on this deck you have at least five minions that can be a finisher. As long as you can maintain important minions on the board and hold combo pieces, you immediately win on the spot.
Facing aggressive decks, you want to survive first before starting to think of combos. Duskbreaker is the key card in this matchup. Some early game minions and spells such as Unidentified Elixir are also okay to compensate for your opponent’s board.
Balance your opponent’s board while staying alive. Take out your combo if you have a chance and you have all the combo pieces in hand. As long as you can neutralize the situation before the opponent’s board cannot be resisted, slowly but surely you should find a gap to win.
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The only disadvantage of this deck is when facing a deck that can remove some medium-sized minions. The best deck clear board is only effective against small minions with health three or less. More than that, you will be deterred and forced to spend too much resources.