Crystal Core Rogue (Un’Goro Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Crystal Core Rogue (Un’Goro Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Rogue Quest is a new Rogue deck centered on the Quest he got from Journey to Un’Goro expansion, namely The Caverns Below.
This quest requires you to issue the same minion four times. If the conditions are met, you will get Crystal Core, a spell that can make all your minions in the game have stats 5/5.
By constantly removing minions where cheap costs have stats 5/5, you can put serious pressure on your opponents. Even if you have the right combination of minions, you can finish off your opponents instantly in one turn.


Crystal Core Rogue (Un’Goro Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Decklist for Crystal Core Rogue consists of three components, namely small minions or those that can make tokens, as well as bounce back effects. The rest is utility or tech according to your choice.
Little Minions are your main tool for fulfilling Quest. There are many choices for this, starting from Swashburglar, Novice Engineer, Stonetusk Boar, Southsea Deckhand, to Defias Ringleader.
Not only that, small minions with charges like Stonetusk Boar, Southsea Deckhand, and Patches of The Pirate can be one of your win conditions by playing them repeatedly using bounce backs after active Crystal Core.
To bounce back, you have three cards, namely Youthful Brewmaster, Gadgetzan Ferryman, and also Shadowstep. This combination of cheap minions and bounce back will become your main tool to fulfill the Quest.
To maximize the value of Crystal Core, in addition to cheap minions, you also need a token generator, aka minion that can create another small minion on the board. The choice of cards to do this is Violet Teacher, Moroes, and also Defias Ringleader.
Finally to complete this deck, you need some removal such as Backstab and Eviscerate. Utility like Preparation will also be very useful, especially if you can combine it with Crystal Core.


This deck has several different variants. The variant that I made for the first time had a cheaper and more aggressive cost. The presence of Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental also guarantees that I can complete the Quest with Elemental Flame tokens produced by the two cards if they don’t find a bounce back at the beginning of the game.
The more popular versions have more expensive costs because they use Edwin vanCleef. But with two Violet Teachers, this version is clearly more consistent as it enters mid-game because it has a stronger and more difficult minion.
For removal and utility, you are free to choose between Fan of Knives, Mimic Pod, Eviscerate, Cold Blood, and Preparation. Just pay attention to what your deck’s weaknesses are and what opponents you often encounter when playing.


Crystal Core Rogue (Un’Goro Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
The card you are looking for at the beginning of the game is a small minion that will be used as a trigger to complete the quest and bounce back. If you face a more aggressive deck, removal like Backstab can be useful.
In almost all matchups, you want to play The Caverns Below in the first turn. The only exception is if you face an opponent who wants to do snowball, get the first turn, and play the minion where is cost one.
For example when fighting a Mid-range Hunter who gets his first turn and takes out Fiery Bat, you should kill Fiery Bat with coins plus Hero Power. Because if not, your opponent can use Crackling Razormaw and make the Fiery bat more difficult to overcome. After that, you can play Quest plus Pirate that releases Patches to ward off the next minion while starting to complete the Quest.
In that situation, you might need to use coins plus Hero Power to prevent opponents from snowballing easily.
Crystal Core Rogue (Un’Goro Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Your task at the beginning of the game is to find a way to complete the Quest while compensating for the tempo of the game. Make sure you watch the card you have in hand and make a careful plan. Which card should you trigger to complete the quest, and how? Then also determine what card you have to reload to compensate for the tempo.
Generally, the main choice that becomes a trigger is Swashburglar or Novice Engineer. Because besides being a trigger, once played, this card also gives you a card or a draw card that you really need to carry out your plan.
If you have already determined which card you are triggering, never let the card be on the board unless you have the duplicate in hand.
To maximize your chances of completing quests as quickly as possible, you must be able to keep the minions that trigger so that you can continue to use bounce back continuously.
Crystal Core Rogue (Un’Goro Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4 
But even though I say you have to complete the Quest as quickly as possible, it doesn’t mean you have to play your chosen trigger card every turn. Always make sure you don’t lose the tempo of the game and are left behind on the control board even though you are guaranteed to be able to complete the Quest at that time.
After completing the Quest and getting the Crystal Core, don’t be careless and just play it. Where the cost of this card is quite expensive, and you want to get the effect right away, aka when the card is played.
Play Crystal Core if you have two or more minions on the board, or have one or two minions with a charge in hand. That way you can do a significant swing-tempo and can do snowball. If that is not possible, at least make sure you can play two or three minions along with Crystal Core.
You have two win conditions with this Crystal Core. First is to have lots of small minions that change to 5/5 on the board. Second is to use the Minion Charge many times in one turn with the bounce back effect that you still have in hand.
Crystal Core Rogue (Un’Goro Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide 5
If played correctly, this deck can beat almost all decks. The only condition that makes decks lose is if you can’t match the tempo of the game at all.
The Warrior or Zoo Pirate is the worst matchup for this deck. Both decks have many early game minions that are solid to control the tempo from the start. While your early game minion is quite weak which is only used to activate Quest.