Basic Mage Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Basic Mage Hearthstone Decklist Guide – At present, Hearthstone has a lot of cards that you can use. This makes it difficult for those who are just playing to complete the collection without buying with real money. Because of the lack of collections owned, making a deck that is okay will also be very difficult.
Even so, that does not mean you can not make a deck with what is. You can still make decks that can win games even with basic cards. Also, using this basic deck will teach you the basic principles of each class, which is important before you start trying to think of making another deck.
This time, we will discuss the basic deck of the class that you played during the tutorial, namely Mage. Indeed, reaching a certain point or rank, these decks and other basic decks will have difficulty facing decks and other better players. However, once again, your goal to use this deck is to learn while collecting Gold little by little to complete your collection.


To be able to make this deck, the only thing you need to do is to raise the Mage level until you reach level 10.
Basic Mage Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
Mage’s basic card itself is actually quite strong. Some cards such as Frostbolt, Arcane Intellect, Fireball, and Water Elemental are some of the cards that are hitherto often used on meta decks. So, there is no reason not to enter the four cards.
Completing Fireball and Frostbolt, add AoE cards like Arcane Blast, Arcane Missiles, and also Falemestrike to help you control the board. For early game minions,
Ooze is useful for warding off enemies using weapons, Kobold Geomancer has a synergy with spells, and the Novice Engineer for additional card draw.
To mid game, enter Sen’jin Shieldmasta as Taunt, and Gurubashi Berserker which has synergy with the Hero Power that you have. Then for late games, just use the Ogre Boulderfist and also one Archmage.
You can replace an early game Archmage or Minion with a second Flamestrike, a stronger minion like Bloodfen Raptor if you feel the need, or Chillwind Yeti for additional power in the mid game. But beyond that, you don’t have many other choices.

How to play

Basic Mage Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
The basic principle of almost all basic decks is on the board control. If you can control and maintain the minion on the board, you will be able to produce more damage than the minion, and ultimately win the match.
What distinguishes each deck is how they maintain the presence board. Well, Mage himself uses a spell to do that.
Play the minions you have as usual. Then overcome the opponent’s minions by making efficient trades or using spells. Because it can only be used once, make sure you get the maximum possible value from all the spell cards you have.
Basic Mage Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
For example when using Fireball, try to use it to minions with the same cost (four) or higher. If you are going to use AoE like Flamestrike, make sure the card kills more than one minion and / or breaks the opponent’s tempo.
As long as you stay superior on the board, you should be able to continue to produce damage to your opponent until he loses, both from the minion you have on the board or the rest of the spell that you still haven’t used.