Aggro Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Aggro Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Aggro Shaman is an aggressive deck of Shaman who tries to finish off his opponent as quickly as possible, ideally before turn seven. This deck is known to have a very strong early game, plus direct damage that helps him finish off enemies more consistently.
Since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, this deck has become stronger because it has additional tools for early games and direct damage. No wonder this deck is considered one of the strongest in Hearthstone’s current meta-game.


Aggro Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
In addition to the standard Tunnel Trogg package, Totem Golem, and also Spirit Claws, this deck gets Small-time Buccaneer, The Pirate Patches, and also Jade Claws. Coupled with Southsea Deckhand and also Thalnos Bloodmage, this deck has many early game options that are strong and certainly consistent. All of these early game minions can also be strengthened by the presence of Flametongue Totem.
For mid-game, this deck has the most powerful minion for the four costs, namely Flamewreathed Faceless, plus Feral Spirit for Taunt and two minions on the board. The two cards also work very well with the Trogg Tunnel. Then add Azure Drake in synergy with all the spell cards on the deck and also Spirit Claws.
Your main finisher on this deck is a number of spells that you have, namely Lightning Bolt, Jade Lightning, and Lava Burst. All three can also be stronger with the Blood Mage Thalnos, Azure Drake, and also Wrath of Air Totem from Hero Power.

How to play

You have very many options for early games that are very strong. But the two combinations you are looking for the most. The first is the Small-Time Buccaneer which raises The Pirate Patches in the first turn, then one of your weapons in the second turn. The second combination is the classic Tunnel Trogg duo in the first turn and Totem Golem in the second turn.
Aggro Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
With a solid early game, you should be able to force your opponent to play reactive and provoke some removal. This allows you to play mid-game cards like Flamewreathed Faceless more safely.
With a solid early game thanks to strong minions and weapons, you can almost always make efficient trades. However, except with weapons, minimize trading with minions. Go face, because your goal in each match with this deck is to drain your opponent’s health as quickly as possible so that it is in lethal distance with the spell you have.
Aggro Shaman Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
As long as you can press your opponent to lethal distance with burst damage, you can always win the game very quickly. You can easily win even at five, and crazy again, you can do it consistently.
Some conditions that can make you lose are when your opponent has a very defensive early game and / or is able to maintain the amount of health he has throughout the early and mid-game.
In that position, you can lose control slowly and be forced to use the burst damage you have to compensate for the opponent’s board, which means removing the important tools to win the match.