Aggro Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Aggro Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide – Agro Druid, as the name implies, is an aggressive deck of Druids who try to finish the game as quickly as possible with the minion on the board.
Broadly speaking, this deck is a combination of Zoo and Tokens. You play lots of small minions as fast as possible since the first turn like a Zoo. After that, you will try to increase their value by playing buff cards to many minions, as is often done by Token based decks.
From there, you can win matches with the minion, either from the pressure they give or from burst damage when you use a finisher card.


Aggro Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 1
As I mentioned above, on this deck you try to fill the board as fast and as much as possible so that you get the maximum value from the buff you have. FireFly and Corsair Bloodsail combos are your main choices because they can take out two minions at a time. Then add Enchanted Raven, which has solid stats and Beast tags.
For buffs, you have two types. The first is a spell that buffs all the minions on the board, which is the Mark of the Lotus, and the Power of the Wild which is more flexible. The second is Mark of Y’shaarj which gives buff only to one minion, but has a greater value if given to the Beast minion.
If you aren’t aware, this deck has beasts throughout the early and mid game. Besides Enchanted Raven and Phanter from Power of the Wild, you also have Vicious Fledgling and Bittertide Hydra which are very troublesome if not handled immediately.
The last two key cards on this deck are Savage Roar and Living Mana. The Savage Roar role on this deck is clear, namely as a finisher when you have lots of minions on the board. While Living Mana is a very useful card to quickly replenish the board if the opponent has succeeded in doing a clear board.

Variant, Tech Choice, and Flavor Card

Aggro Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 2
This deck has a different alternative flavor. Rather than using more Beasts, one of the other versions of this deck uses Murloc, or rather Finja packages consisting of Finja The Flying Stars, Bluegill Warrior, and Murloc Warleader. Even though it’s slower, this version has a stronger tempo swing capability.
Most players also often enter Tar Creeper for a bit of defensive ability when facing other aggressive decks. As an alternative, you can replace it with a more flexible but more expensive Druid of The Claw.
For tech choices, these decks have a unique position. Two popular tech choices, Hungry Crab and Golakka Crawler, are cheap Beasts. So even if you don’t face Murloc or Pirate based decks, these two cards are still useful because they are still synergizing with all the buffs you have. If you don’t use one of them, you can replace it with Ravasaur Runt which is also a Beast.


Aggro Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 3
Your job at the beginning of the game is to put pressure as quickly as possible. In the first turn, you need to get a minimum of Enchanted Raven or Fire Fly. But if you are lucky enough, you can use Innervate to play Vicious Fledgling. This will require your opponent to play reactively, so you should not to snowball from the start.
Be wise when using Mark of the Lotus or Power of the Wild. We recommend that you use the card if you have at least three minions on the board.
If you can put serious pressure on three or four initial turns, your opponent will try to compensate by using removal or clear board. But don’t worry, because, on the fifth turn, you can reset it with Living Mana or Bittertide Hydra.
In this case, if the opponent runs out or does not have a clear board, you can just repay the opponent, or finish him if you have Savage Roar in hand.
Aggro Druid Hearthstone Decklist Guide 4
This Deck Agro Druid has an initiative that is very fast and difficult to block if not handled immediately. For this reason, this deck can easily finish off decks with minimal clear board and cannot compensate for your aggression.
Even if your opponent tries to keep up with it, you will be superior because you have a buff card and easily refill the board.
The only type of deck that is very difficult to handle by this deck is a control deck that has very clear board. How many times have you filled the board, decks like this will be able to finish off your board at any time, to the point that they will play a minion that is too big for you to handle.