Hayabusa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Hayabusa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) –  Playing this hero is actually easy, which needs to be taken into account when you have to be involved and attack, and at times you have to withdraw because indeed one of the few seconds can be blurred and can be fooled silently.

Hayabusa is a 1 vs 1 specialist hero because all of the skills have very painful damage if the opponent is only a single target, besides that the most special thing about the hero at the moment is the ultimate skill. Hayabusa Best Build
Hayabusa cannot be attacked at all by the fox including the turret, because that is the ultimate hero skill this can be spammed throughout the game to push the tower and also stab the enemy. Hayabusa Best Build
Hayabusa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Hayabusa advantages:

  • The best Hero 1 vs 1, for one on one business, Hayabusa is one of the best heroes for Mobile Legends, please in the final phase the hero marksman game and the opponent’s mage will not be empowered if 1 on 1 with Hayabusa.
  • High mobility, skill 2 is able to move to 4 different places, with this skill he can check opponents, run away from the enemy siege and also increase opponents, especially this skill has a slowing effect which is useful to help him. self.
  • High Survivability, because all the skills have great damage, it’s no wonder that if we build the Bloodlust Ax item (20% life steal skill) then he can get the highest effect from skill 1 and skill 3, first he has a passive skill that gives healing effect if you have known the enemy 4 times with the skill, and unique is the lower the HP/blood, the HP that is broken from the passive skill will be even greater.
  • A good split pusher, because it can escape easily using skill 2 and quickly sweeps the minion with its multitude, this hero becomes one of the best choices for split push using 3-1-1 formation (Haya solo) or at the end of the game it can also stop tower opponent with 4-1 strategy (Haya solo push tower).
  • The hero poke is very good, thanks to his skill 2 he can safely go back and forth beautifully reducing blood one by one.
  • It is great for push and def towers, the ultrathin skill can immediately clean the minion once attack. It is very easy to use when push turret and also retains the tower, other than that in the ultimate mode it cannot be attacked so the skill can be used on opponents even though they are within range. dome.
  • Burst one-shot damage, in the final stage of the game he can kill all soft heroes like marksman, mage, and assassin in just one attack (single target).


Hayabusa deficiency:

  • Very soft, the name assassin is definitely soft, so don’t make mistakes in attack especially in the phase late game because this hero can be killed quickly by the fighter / mm at the end of the game.
  • Very vulnerable to CC, when using skill 2 for poke there is actually a risk of suicide if the opponent has good crowd control skills such as Franco and Nana, what often happens is when Hayabusa tries to attack with skill 2 shadow, once engaged he is immediately stunned by opponent’s CC hero and can’t go back to the other shadow (and finally die).
  • Very dependent on skill, this hero is 11-12 like Saber, very good for poking and relying on skills to attack opponents (not combat type like Karina / Natalia), the basic attack will definitely lose if fighter / mm is pitted, therefore don’t use this hero as close combat / close combat. Keep a safe distance, especially if skill 2 is still cooldown.
  • Very dependent on buffs, this hero is very wasteful of which usage and must be prioritized to get a buff after Fanny.
  • Less effective in the war team, even though he is the best in 1 vs 1 affair, but in Teamfight 5 vs 5 the contribution of this hero is not so good because the damage is very small if used on multiple opponents at once, the damage skill 1 only hurts when it comes to 3 shurikens at the same time (must be very close to the opponent hero), the damage will also be divided if there are many enemies including minion/jungle around, it does not have a good bulk damage burst because this hero is more devoted to burst damage to single targets.

Hayabusa tips build items:

Hayabusa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • The Hayabusa item build is exactly the same as the Saber item build because they are both assassin types who are equally dependent on skill.
  • Bloodlust Ax items for lifesteal, because this is the Hayabusa core item (including Saber and Fanny), this item must be purchased first.
  • In the fourth build item depends on the composition of the opponent’s hero team, use the Rose Gold Meteor or Magic Blade if there are 2-3 mage heroes in the opponent (for extra defense and survivability), use the Blade 7 Seas if there are lots of high defensive heroes like Hilda, Chou and other tankers, then build Deadly Blade if the opponent’s hero has a healer like Estes / Rafaela including high lifesteal heroes like Alucard, Zilong, and Fanny.
  • The build above is the most ideal and is often used by top players, but it all depends on who plays it if you feel there is a better / better build then try experimenting with your own way.
The most suitable battle spell for Hayabusa is Retribution.
Use Retribution for farming quickly and especially to get buff monsters to avoid being stolen by your opponent’s hero or friend.
For emblems, we can use Physical or Physical Assassins.

Hayabusa is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • If the condition is 1 vs 1 Hayabusa is very good (ideal) to fight all heroes.
  • All marksman heroes.
  • Fanny, Karina, and Natalia.
  • Gord, Cyclops, Kagura, Vexana, and Harley.

Hayabusa is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Saber
  • Lancelot (his immune skill can control ultimate Hayabusa)
  • Akai
  • Franco
  • Chou
  • Aurora
  • Nana
  • Digger (skill 2 can counter skill 2 Hayabusa)

Combination of one-shot skill:

First use skill 2 to engage, try to shadow skill 2 about the enemy hero so that when we jump towards the shadow of the hero they are hit by a bonus damage, then remove the ultimate skill and followed by skill 1 (try to be as close as possible or inside the hero to get damage to 3 shurikens ), then jump back to the background behind to escape.
Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 (escape)
In addition we can also repay the enemy’s blood bit by bit, even without ultimate, the important thing is that we can maximize the use of skill 2 to poke enemies throughout the game. Hayabusa Best Build
Use skill 1 and basic attack (if necessary) to reduce opponent’s HP, always try to shadow skill 2 Regarding your opponent (first, don’t just leave the shadow) so that when we jump to that place we are inside the hero and once we remove skill 1, they will get the maximum damage (3 shurikens).

Tips, tricks and Guide for Hayabusa:

  • If you want to attack your opponent with the ultimate skill, make sure the area is empty/clear of the minion and the forest monsters, also note if there are other heroes backing up, remember the damage of the items will be split if there are more than 1 target, so you should clean the minions around before attacking .
  • Be aware of your opponent’s CC hero when using skill 2 because it has the potential to become a blunder, make sure the enemy has used the existing CC skill or at least you know the right timing so you can safely escape.
  • When trying to run away from your opponent, use the help of skill 1 because besides giving damage, this skill also has a slow effect on the enemy, use skill 2 to outwit your opponent (jump here and there), besides pointing the skill 2 about the enemy hero because it can also give a slow effect down on your opponent.
  • Always be sure to get a buff, which hero is very wasteful, especially we have to spam frequently all three skills for enemy poke and push turret, especially if the team uses a split push 3-1-1 strategy then it must take a buff so that the defense can last a more long time in the game.
  • Remember the ultimate skill can be used to quickly sweep minions if the atmosphere is calm, use the ultimate skill in the existing minion (there are at least 3 minions) with this he can get gold and exp faster and maximum.
  • The enemy’s blood installment gradually, throughout the game, both at push and def tower, use the combination of all three skills, and you should only engage if skill 2 is available.

Note: Since Hayabusa has received rework, there is a slight adjustment by playing it, below is the video tutorial on how to use Hayabusa rework, the gameplay is almost the same and some of the tips & builds above are still relevant.