Harley Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Harley Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Harley has a very good DPS capability even though it is a mage, thanks to its passive skill it can provide basic damage attacks such as marksman hero.
Harley is also the most agile and difficult mage hero captured by the opponent due to the ability of his 2 skills, plus he can give One-shot bursts damage and kills the opponent hero quickly in one strike. Harley Best Build
According to me Harley and Kagura are 2 of the most powerful mage heroes (and the highest mobility) in Mobile Legends, besides that Harley also has the skills and damage to clean the minion quickly, unlike other mages that usually last a long time. Harley can quickly farm even in the early game he is one of the fastest hero who can kill monsters at the beginning of the game. Harley Best Build
Harley Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Harley advantages:

  • Agile hero, Harley is a mage hero with the highest mobility, thanks to his skill 2 he can move quickly chasing/running from various circumstances and situations, plus he can play pull/hit & run very safely using this skill 2.
  • Semi marksman Mage, his passive skill makes basic Harley attacks giving damage magic so that he can produce a large enough damage output only with his basic attack, so besides having good mobility skills, he also has considerable auto damage to help him farm, push the tower, and attack the opponent’s hero.
  • Fast farming, with only 1 skill and basic attack it can kill forest monsters and minions very quickly, even it is one of the fastest heroes to kill monster buffs at the beginning of the game, this makes it a very dangerous mage in the early game and can quickly build items + level up.
  • It is very difficult to catch/get caught, he can escape quickly using skill 2, even if the enemy can catch up with his speed, then the Harley can squeeze it by returning to the place where it was originally issued skill 2, plus the cooldown of skill 2 is very short making it very nimble and almost impossible captured without CC / crowd control skills.
  • High Burst damage, in the middle of the game (mid-late game) he can finish off opponent heroes with one attack using a combination of ultimate skill and skill 1, even tanks can be killed in an instant if it doesn’t build defense magic items against hero this.

Harley deficiency:

  • The attacks are easily anticipated, Harley is a specialist in killing opponents one by one, the ultimate skill and skill 1 can be avoided if we take shelter behind tanks, minions and monster jungle, therefore the most important thing when fighting this hero is not to be in a vacant area because will be an easy target for the one-shot attack.
  • Not having CC skills, almost all mage heroes have good crowd control skills to use when the team war, but Harley only depends on damage magic damage so it is less supportive when fighting 5 vs 5 (team fight).
The good news is that Harley is a mage hero who doesn’t have many weaknesses (like Kagura) especially if used by pro players, it’s hard to count this hero apart from using teamwork or using heroes who are also OPs like Kagura and Fanny. Harley Best Build

Harley Best Build

Harley Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • The first line item build is perfect for all situations (burst damage + magic life steal/spell vamp), Harley builds items focus more on damage magic enhancers in order to kill in one attack using a combination of ultimate skills and skill 1.
  • Build a Necklace of Durance item (second line) if the opponent has a healer (like Estes / Rafaela) and a high lifesteal hero like Alucard / Zilong.
  • The builds above are the most ideal and are often used by Harley top players, but if you feel there are other better builds then try experimenting with your own way.
The most suitable battle spell for Harley is Retribution and Flicker.
  • Use Retribution for fast farming, this spell is the most ideal because it will help it to move very quickly and also steal opponents monsters.
  • Use Flicker for extra mobility, sometimes there are moments where we use skill 2 then get stunned / CC from the opponent’s hero and skill 2 goes into cooldown (we can’t escape).
For emblems, we can use Magic or Magic Assassin emblems.

Harley is very good/OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All marksman heroes.
  • All hero mage and support.
  • Karina, Balmond, Bane, Ruby, Alpha, and Hilda, Masha

Harley is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Fanny
  • Hayabusa
  • Lolita
  • Zilong (late game)
  • Roger (late game)
  • Layla (late game)

Burst one-shot damage:

First, use skill 3 then follow it with full damage from skill 1 and if the situation allows the installment again with a basic attack to accumulate the ultimate damage. 
Usually the order is like this: 
  • Skill 3 – Skill 2 (engage) – Skill 1 – Skill 2 (return to cap)
  • Skill 3 – Skill 2 (engage) – Skill 1 – 3-5x basic attack – Skill 2 (return to cap)
  • Skill 2 (engage) – Skill 3 – Skill 1 –  Skill 2 (return to cap)
  • Skill 2 (engage) – Skill 3 – Skill 1 – 3-5x basic attack – Skill 2 (return to cap) 
Legends Harley skill combination The above orders can be flexibly adjusted to the existing conditions (depending on distance to the target), try to issue skills 3 areas around are empty there are no minions / monsters and other heroes.
The most important thing is to maximize the ultimate damage by continuing to attack the target hero using whatever as long as the fire circle is still lit, but also look at the condition if it is dangerous, immediately retreat back to the coffee. Harley Best Build

Tips and tricks for Harley hero guide: 

  • Focusing on farming at the beginning of the game, immediately quickly climbed to level 4 because in the early Harley game including the most powerful mage hero, at level 4 we can immediately finish off the opponent hero (including tankers) whose blood is below half (40-50%) with burst damage one shot (ultimate + skill 1 + basic attack).
  • Be alert to your opponent’s CC hero when engaging because what often happens is that when we approach the enemy, we immediately issue the crowd control skill (stun) and we can’t go back to the couch, and eventually die silently.
  • When you press or hit the minion, use skill 1, close the position with the target (if necessary attach) so that all the cards are related to the enemy, so we can more quickly clean wave minion and farming.
  • We recommend turning on the hero lock mode so that when you issue the ultimate skill we don’t attack the wrong target.
  • Always spam skill 1 for enemy pokes, defense turrets and push towers, including when our war team can install blood tanks with hits little by little-using skill 1 and the basic attack.