Harith Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Harith Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – This hero has a funny form like Nana and the gameplay is also quite interesting. This hero can do a lot of spamming skills because the cooldown can be accelerated with certain conditions. Harit
h Best Build
The main uniqueness is high mobility, the ability to reduce the cooldown of existing skills and the effect of crowd control (passive), so he can still move agile even though often become the target of the opponent’s. Harith Best Build
Harith includes an overpower mages, more or less this hero is just annoying as a Harley. Harith also a mage that has a barrage of burst damage and agility, so it is very difficult to get killed. Immediately following the complete tutorial on how to learn to play this unique hero, first we start by explaining Harith’s strengths and weaknesses. Harith Best BuildHarith Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Harith advantages:

  • High mobility. The main characteristic of Harith is that mage is agile, so it is not easily hit by opponents. Harith has 2 skills that have a range of dashes far enough to make him easily engage or run in battle and the cooldown of this skill is very short so we can spam many times.
  • Very good DPS Mage burst. Harith’s main weapon is a combination of three complementary skills. The ultimate skill can reset the cooldown of skills 1 and 2 for a few seconds. So we can launch skills 1 and 2 attacks continuously without a cooldown. Moreover, skill 2 provides a flicker effect that is very troublesome for the enemy to attack Harith so that he can freely attack while keeping distance in the war/team fight.
  • Anti-crowd-control and has a good defense. Harith passive skills provide a resilience effect that functions to reduce the duration of available crowd control (such as stun, freeze or etc.).  When we using skill 2, we will get a shield which is very useful to survive if we get an attack by the opposing team. So the survival ability of this hero is very useful to mobility, anti-crowd-control, and extra defense obtained from the skills.

Harith deficiency:

  • Dependent on the team. In general, all mage heroes cannot play alone or solo lanes as well as Harith. Harith needs more time if want to farm and push the turret. Besides that, he is also can die quickly if fails to escape when opponents gank.
  • It does not have a short one-shot damage burst. Skills 1 and 2 are really given big damage, so we should make a strategy to kill the opponent. Harith also depended on combo attacks that need timing to given big damage.
  • It takes the right positioning and is quite difficult to master. What makes this hero quite difficult to play is that if we want to attack, we have to keep the distance. Mastering skill 3 is not easy because we have to jump and direct skill 2 in the area created by the ultimate skill to be able to utilize the cooldown bonus as best as possible.

Harith tips on build items:

Harith Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Harith builds items should focus on cooldown reduction and magic damage.
  • I think build above is the most ideal because we have a CDR of 40% (we can get 10% of the CDR from the emblem) and magic power is quite high. We can replace the last item ‘Divine Glaive (magic penetration)‘ with another magic damage item if the opposing team does not have high magic defense/resistance.
  • Buy Enchanted Talisman as early because we will often spam all three skills and which users will be very wasteful, then after that buy a Calamity Reaper for true damage bonus after using skill (this item is very suitable combined with skill 2).
  • This build is only my personal preference, try experimenting if you think there are other items that are more suitable and in accordance with your own style.


The most suitable battle spell for Harith is Retribution, Aegis and Flicker.
  • Use Retribution if you wanna fast on farming.
  • Use Aegis if you want to play safely and if opposing team use Saber or Hayabusa. Aegis will give an extra defense at critical times.
  • Use Flicker if you want to play it safe, this spell is more useful for running away when snatched and we can also use it to chase enemies who try to escape while dying.
For emblems, we can use Common Magic or Custom Mage emblems.

Harith is very good for fighting the following heroes:


Harith is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Saber
  • Lancelot
  • Fanny (the pro)
  • Helcurt
  • Gusion
  • Hayabusa
  • Franco
  • Lolita
  • Lesley


Tips & tricks for Harith:

  • The gameplay of this hero is like Harley, we need to jump here and there and repay enemy blood with skills 1 & 2, then use the ultimate skill to give a fast burst of damage.
  • Fight with your team, avoid play solo when farming or push a tower. Remember, this hero is not effective on killing monsters and pushing lanes so we should keep playing on the team (play safe).
  • Our main task is to do continuous poke of the opposing team with skills 1 and 2, take advantage of the dash of skill 2, go back and forth and lure enemies. We can easily keep distance with skill 2 and use skill 1 as additional damage if the area is full of minion and opponent hero.
  • If the time is right as when the team is initiating team-fights, launch the ultimate skill and try to fight the opponent. Immediately spam as much as 1 & 2 as possible. To be able to maximize the use of this ultimate skill you can practice in custom mode (or versus AI), practice to jump with skill 2 into the right area so we can use this skill as best as possible.
  • It is better to use hero lock mode because we will often use skill 2 and this skill will strengthen our next basic attack (and also reduce the cooldown of skill 2 again), so we will often use a basic attack like a marksman hero.