Hanzo Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick (Guide)

Hanzo Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick Mobile Legends (Guide) – Hanzo is a unique assassin hero who can cast shadows (ultimate mode) and can attack the enemy without sacrificing himself.
This skill is what makes him special because he can desperately break through enemy formation without having to worry about losing, especially he has farming capabilities extraordinary. It can be said that Hanzo is the only assassin (at least until now) that can farm very quickly in the early game compared to other heroes. Hanzo Best Build
According to me, this hero is actually mediocre  looks overpower, but there are also many weaknesses of this assassin, maybe at first you are a little confused how to play it effectively, but actually this hero is simple to play. The important thing is we understand the function of skills who can maximize it in the game. The following are the strengths and weaknesses of Hanzo. Hanzo Best Build
Hanzo Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick (Guide) 1

Hanzo’s Strengths:

  • The skill of farming. According to me, the most striking advantage of Hanzo is not in his ultimate skills, but in his extraordinary ability, he can easily devour monsters with his skill, all jungles (except turtles and lords) either buff, snails, including minions can die instantly with one swallow. It may seem not too OP (overpower), but if we can use this skill to steal buffs in the early-mid game and keep on taking on the jungle of the opposing team, then our team can benefit very massively because the enemy will lose a lot of gold and exp at the start of the game which ultimately makes our friends easier to dominate the game.
  • Good poke skill. skill 2 even though it doesn’t have significant damage but can provide damage area (AOE) which is quite disturbing to the enemy, especially when push or defense tower.
  • Very strong in the early game. farming capabilities and Hanzo ultimate mode can make him very OP at the beginning of the game, so try maximizing as possible existing skills and be more daring to play aggressively in the early-mid game.
  • OP shadow skills. Skill 3 makes Hanzo issue a kind of shadow that we can control to attack, when this ultimate mode we have new skills 1 and 2 where both are burst damage areas, that are very suitable to use when team fight, besides speed motion and attack (movement + attack speed) also increases, making it a deadly shadow killer.

Hanzo’s Disadvantages:

  • The ultimate mode is vulnerable. the main weakness of the ultimate skill is that the original body cannot move (and is not visible if we are far away from the body position), the problem is if the original body is killed then Hanzo will also die, so be wise to choose a position and circumstances when issuing these 3 skills.
  • The energy that runs out quickly. the ultimate mode will consume energy  (Demon Blood). So we must collect this energy first before entering shadow mode, we can get energy from minions or monsters and must be smart to see how much energy is left before attacking, without calculation we will instead be picked up and die silly.
  • Needs the right timing. especially when the ultimate mode, skill 2 is quite difficult regarding the target because there is a long enough delay so that the enemy can easily dodge, so we must often predict the direction of movement of the enemy so that this skill can get the right target.
  • Very soft in late games. this hero blood is thin and very easy to hit kill by Eudora’s burst skill (ultimate) etc. Especially at the end of the game (late) DPS / basic attack from heroes like fighters and marksman can kill him very quickly.

Hanzo item build tips:

Hanzo Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick (Guide) 2
  • I think build above is ideal to use, Golden Staff is an important core item because it is useful for speeding up triggers from skills 1. actually, skill 1 requires 5 basic attacks to be active, but with Golden Staff, we only need 3 hits.
  • Also, use the Demon Hunter Swordto strengthen the effect of the Golden Staff, then the rest we can build CDR so that it can spamming skills throughout the game.
  • You can use other build items and experiment with your own playing style because this hero is new and there are still many builds that can be tried, so there are still many other item combinations that might be better suited to how you play.
For battle spells we recommmend Sprint. Whatever is important is notRetribution (because there is already skill 1). 
  • I personally prefer to use Sprint, because it is very useful at the start to steal enemy buffs and escape, besides Sprint also useful when chasing enemies trying to run from the ultimate Hanzo mode. 
  • Besides Sprint, I feel Flicker, Aegis, Purify, and Petrify are also suitable for this hero (depending on the composition of the opposing team and the circumstances).
For emblems, we can use Common Physical or Custom Assassin emblems.

Hanzo is very good  to fight the following heroes:

  • All tank heroes (except Gatotkaca)
  • All fighter heroes close combat that does not have high mobility
  • All mage heroes (early-mid game)
  • All marksman heroes (early-mid game

Hanzo is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

Tips and trick Hanzo

  • Positioning is the most important key in playing this hero, remember this original body is very vulnerable and often the target when we attack with the ultimate, Hanzo’s shadow will leave a trail like a dark aura connected to the main body so that the enemy can easily track its whereabouts, so make sure first the surroundings are safe, try looking for spots that are difficult to reach for enemies, such as in towers or grass, it can also be in the back row when our team is pushing the turret in unison.
  • If there is an indication that threatens the original body for example when we engage the enemy instead ignores us and runs towards the main body, cancel ultimate skill and secure yourself from the opponent’s attack, check the situation also through a mini-map, if there is another hero approaching/attacking the original body then you should cancel skill 3 and protect yourself as soon as possible.
  • At the beginning of the game try to steal your opponent’s buff with skill 1, this is the main advantage that we must use as early as possible, as much as possible continue to colonize the opponent jungle so that our team can easily push the lane or tower to win the match.
  • Be careful of heroes like Aldous and Fanny who can quickly attack the real body (especially Natalia which is difficult to detect), if there are heroes like this you should play safe by using skill 3 in the turret or while in the middle of the teammate.
  • Always spam skill 2 to repay enemy blood and clear wave minion, this skill does not hurt, but it is very, very useful for poke and disturbing enemies throughout the game.Hanzo Best Build

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  1. Hanzo user here. This hero is immortal. I usually get 20 kills in a game with no deaths. They should always play-smart when using this hero cuz he is a glass cannon. He can wipeout all enemies in a single clash when unnoticed. Try to focus on mini map when u r in a shadow form. Trust me even natalia will cry.

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