Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022 To Join McLaren?

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Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022 To Join McLaren?

Surprising news came from F1, where Hamilton is expected to leave Mercedes in 2022 later. This is because he was only contracted for one year to ride a race car from the Mercedes team. So there are many rumors that Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022 and will rejoin the team from McLaren in 2022 later.

Previously, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton only agreed to continue together during the F1 race but only for this year’s race. There is also speculation that Mercedes will dismiss Hamilton because they have intentions to bring in Max Verstappen or Russell. So is Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022?

Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022 To Join McLaren?

The relationship between Hamilton and the Mercedes team feels very natural, but unfortunately, the Mercedes team has the intention to choose another driver, namely between Valteri and Russell. Meanwhile, in 2021, Hamilton has only signed a one-year contract with the Mercedes team. So it is very natural that Hamilton’s future is questioned by the media crew. Even the hot news is Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022.

However, Mercedes said that Hamilton would stay with Mercedes. Their relationship feels very natural, experiencing ups and downs and ups and downs. He could not imagine if Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022.

Why Hamilton’s Contract With Mercedes Only One Year?

Many F1 fans have questioned if Hamilton will be with Mercedes next year, then why does his contract only last for one year? Mercedes then stated why his second contract only lasted for one year. Because it was a one year contract as the two couldn’t spend enough time with each other. But that’s what Mercedes can do.

For speculation of the future of Hamilton, most likely his name will be replaced by Russell or Valtteri Bottas later in 2022. Both are strong candidates who will replace Hamilton’s position. But Hamilton also still has time to convince Mercedes to want to keep his name after the 2021 season.

Certainly, this is a very tough decision for the Mercedes team, where they have to choose whether they want to take Valtteri or Russell as their driver next season. Because these two riders both have the best quality, it’s only natural that they will find it difficult to make a choice.

Mercedes itself also intends to have two great drivers next season. However, there are also rumors that Hamilton’s future at Mercedes will end in the 2022 season.

Many fans will be disappointed when Hamilton Leaving Mercedes In 2022. Because Hamilton himself is not an amateur racer, he has qualities and capacities that we cannot take for granted.

We are waiting for the decision from both parties, namely from Hamilton and also from Mercedes. Will the two of them renew their partnership contract, or will their relationship end this year? That’s information about Hamilton Leaving Mercedes in 2022 which is currently a topic of discussion in cyberspace, especially being a topic of discussion among F1 fans around the world.

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