Hago Sheepfighting Tips and Tricks to Winning Every Match

Hago Sheepfighting Tips and Tricks to Winning Every Match 1
Hago Sheepfighting Tips and Tricks – Hago is an Android application in which there are a number of very exciting games, the Game of Lamb is the favorite and I have won around 600 wins. These results have at least fulfilled me with the Master label. In addition to the SheepFighting game, there are also games for Snake Ladder, Throw Knife, Ludo Hago and many more.
Through this game you can invite friends and family online, there is also a chat feature, can chat with each other and give emoticon expressions while playing. Initially knowing the application was honest until late at night playing an existing game, the cell phone was also charging.
Regarding the game, the Hago sheep fighting is one of the games that is much liked because it is really fun. The way to play it is quite easy, according to the name of the game we are playing against the opponent, the more we defeat the opponent the greater the chance we reach for victory.
Let us be able to win continuously in the game of Lamb Race, we also need strategies and fighting tactics with opponents not to let more enemy sheep eat our grass.
Race Regulations:
10 kilogram sheep = eat 6 grasses
30 kilogram lamb = eat 4 grasses
60 kilograms of lamb = eat 2 grasses
80 kilogram size lamb = eat 1 grass
The heaviest sheep is the strongest, but the food is small and vice versa.


Tricks for Winning Game Race

I learned this trick by myself, but it’s pretty effective for us to practice, especially for those of you who often lose to your opponents in the Hago Sheep game.

1. Practical Play

This method is very simple but can make your opponent overwhelmed, first you focus directly on the middle lane. Then immediately prepare to get your sheep out before the game starts, keep the sheep out in the middle lane and not let loose.
If your opponent is not so good, guaranteed to be overwhelmed, try it.

2. Smart Reading Situation

For the next trick, this is an addition to the first blistering, where in addition to playing practically as above we must also be smart to read the situation when encountering a formidable opponent.
Use the instinct to see what sheep you want to be offered by your opponent and compare with the sheep we have.
For example, coincidentally, the opponent’s sheep only come out with a size of 10 kilograms, but you have 80 kilograms, chances are you will hit the sheep fight seen from its strength.
Hago Sheepfighting Tips and Tricks to Winning Every Match 2
Or like this: If they take out big sheep, try not to fight. But if the visible position wins, immediately fight and you put the little lamb behind. The strength of the sheep is measured from the size of the horn, the greater the stronger.