Hago: Fun, Interesting and Education Game

Hago: Fun, Interesting and Education Game 1
Hago is one of the more booming games in 2018. This game has been downloaded more than 10 million times. This game, in my opinion, is suitable to be played for all ages, but most of these games are dominated by women.
So for men who are single, can play this game because it can be that you can get acquaintances in it hehe The size of this game is relatively light, only 24MB. Although only with a size of 24 Mb, this game has a lot of game vasriation in it, the game is:

1. SheepFighting

This game is a mainstay game in Hago, which is sheepfighting. The essence of the game is to put the sheep we have into the enemy cage to spend their grass. Anyone whose grass is first gone, then he will lose.

2. Fun Link

Have you ever played the Onet game? yes, this game is the same as the onet game, the game is matching the characters that have been provided. The fastest, the one who wins.

3. Throw the Knife

The content of this game is to throw 7 knives in a rotating circle, each going to the next level. Then the rotating speed will increase and there are obstacles that block our blades from sticking.

4. Gold Miner

We will win the game if we have a higher point than the opponent. Take as much gold as possible using mines that always swing to win the game.

5. Quiz Super Brilliant

I think this game is a game that is very educational because there are interesting questions to answer. So, you just choose the right answer from the questions that have been provided in the application.

6. Correspondence

With this game, we can send a message to someone or someone we know anonymously. You can send a message of ridicule or a message of love to someone.

7. All Star Football

Although not like the FiFa game, AllStar Football is no less exciting. Playing this game is easy because it requires the right accuracy to win or score

8. Jump

Like the Cloud Jump game in Pou game. Play this game by hitting the cellphone right and left to direct our hero movement.

9. Zombie Chase

This game is a game that I like because this game requires the right strategy to win it. In this game we are provided with 5 cards, the contents of the card are numbers 1 through 5. Who issues the biggest card will escape the zombie pursuit, but if you issue the same card/number, our lives will be reduced

10. WereWolf

The last game is the werewolf game, which we know this game has long been played. But in Hago, you can only play this game with 7 to 9 people. For the game, it’s the same as the usual Werewolf game.
In my opinion, the contents of this game are the same as Pou games. But this hago game is more exciting than Pou games. What do you think?