Guinevere Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Guinevere Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) –  Guinevere is fighter-mage in Mobile Legends (Jan 2019), with a unique role combination, she can provide DPS magic damage and has crowd control skills that are useful when teamfight.
According to me, this hero has the potential to become one of the strongest heroes and become a meta when it is released on the original server. Guinevere Best Build
The obstacle when playing this hero are the right item build choices, because the roles are all mixed, we can build as pure mage or hybrid or we can also use full marksman/ fighter build. There are even players who use a semi-tank build. Let’s learn this hero tutorial starting from the advantages and disadvantages first. Guinevere Best Build
Guinevere Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Guinevere’s strengths:

  • High DPS magic, the unique feature of Guinevere is that basic attack is converted to magic damage, so even if we can build the highest physical attack, it will still provide high magic damage through passive skills and basic attack. With a full fighter build at the end of the game (late game). It is as dangerous as marksman which can quickly ended the opponents with just a few basic attacks.
  • Very agile, the main advantage of Guinevere compared to other fighters is that she has a jump & dash skill that is very flexible, with skills 2, she can run away / chase the enemies very easily. Skill 2 has a fairly long range, making it very easy for snatching opponents (chase / gank) and also running away in an escape situation.
  • Good crowd control, the skill 1 has a reduce cooldown, so we can spam throughout the game, the skill 2 has a knock up effect and the combination with skill 3 will extend the knock up effect for a few seconds, with these skills Guinevere can giving the effect of a mass CC area that will dominate the your team.
  • Versatile clone skill, skill 2 can create a clone that is very useful for tricking enemies, if we can use it at the right time, then we can make the enemy attack wrong (wrong target / target) just like Sun’s clone / doppelganger skill.

Guinevere Disadvantages:

  • Very dependent on items, the characteristics of this hero are fighter-mages that rely on basic attack and passive skills to eliminate enemies, so we have to wait for several core items to be able to provide significant damage, because frankly all three Guinevere skills don’t have significant burst damage.
  • Needs the right timing, basically Guinevere is a combo hero, so first we must attack with a knock-up skill combination of skill 2 & use ultimate then proceed with basic attack to kill the opponent, but often in practice skill 2 doesn’t hit the target perfectly, so the combo becomes messy.
  • Cooldown skills too long, skill 2 and ultimate have quite a long cooldown, so we must patiently wait for the right moment to attack.

Guinevere best build

Guinevere Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • In my opinion, there are 2 types of builds that we can use when using Guinevere, namely the mage and fighter types.
  • The first build line is mage build where we maximize cooldown reduction (CDR 40%) and with Fleeting Time items, we can spam more often throughout the game.
  • The second build line (recommended) is a fighter that focuses on critical, because Guinevere basic attack can provide critical magic damage, so I would rather recommend this build because in the late game it will be very deadly like a finished Marksman.
  • If you want to play safe and become mage semi-support, I suggest using Build line 1 with a 40% CDR we can spam all skills and give CC as often as possible to the enemy team even though our damage is not optimal.
  • If we want to play aggressively and become carry, you can use build line 2 because this is a build killer that focuses on DPS, but remember to keep buying ‘Concentrated Energy‘ as lifesteal.

The most suitable battle spell for Guinevere is Retribution or Flicker.

  • Retribution for fast farming. This spell is very useful if we use a full fighter / marksman build (line 2).
  • Flicker for play safer. This spell is ideal and recommended enough for various situations.
  • Actually any spell can be suitable for this hero because it all depends on the item build and how we play it.
For emblems we can use a Fighter or Mage emblem.

Guinevere is very good at fighting the following heroes:

  • All tank heroes
  • All mage heroes
  • Saber
  • Helcurt
  • Selena
  • Layla
  • Irithel
  • Lesley
  • Kimmy
  • Karrie

Guinevere is very weak against the following heroes:

  • Fanny
  • Karina
  • Natalia
  • Minsitthar
  • Diggie

Tips & tricks for hero guide Guinevere:

  • Guinevere’s main weapon is basic attack & passive skills, so we have to play safe first, focused to farm and collect gold / exp, after 2-3 core items have been made, then we can start playing aggressively and pick up opponents who are off guard.
  • Always spam skill 1 throughout the game because in addition to providing magic damage and slow effects, this skill 1 will also reduce the CD from skills 2 & 3, so we will more easily dominate the fight.
  • Don’t just engage in the midst of enemies, especially if there are no tanks backing up, remember Guinevere is not a hard fighter even though we build defense items, so it will not survive if we play from advanced when teamfight, keep playing safe with Poke using skill 1 from far away and wait for the right moment to use the ultimate skill 2 + combo.
  • We recommend that you to avoid basic attacks with pure fighter / mm (especially late games) unless we win the level. Note that the CC skills that exist, because when attacking the enemy and got stun or freeze, we will die silly.
  • Wisely use skill 2 because the cooldown skill is quite long, look at the situation whether this skill 2 should be used to run away or attack, check the map and see if our team is superior or depressed. Keep playing safe, wait for the right time to engage, repay the enemy’s blood slowly with skill 1 and get ready to play aggressively if the opportunity comes.
  • Guinevere’s best combo theory is: skill 2 (knock up) -> skill 3 -> basic attack (passive) -> skill 2 (keeping distance) -> skill 1, but it doesn’t need to be based on that sequence because in practice it’s better to keep attacking with basic attack without guarding the distance and in reality often the combo is easily broken in the middle when gank.