Guide For Fishing In All Blue Pirate King Online

Guide For Fishing In All Blue | Pirate King Online The All Blue is opened after we enter level 50, which is the place where we dug up water for fishing At All Blue we can grow our own fish, can steal other users’ fish and we can also blessing another user’s fish.

Tips: For users who are saving Gold, please slowly click on something because there are many traps that will drain your gold.

following the full Guide fishing in all blue

a. Fry breeds, will issue an aquarium to catch fish, the first fry breed is free, the second will need 5 gold, and the third one will need 10 gold, each fry breed we will usually get 20 fish, if the fish are large, only 10 fish. meaning that if 3 fry active breeds we can get up to 60 fish (free fishing). Fishing In All Blue Pirate King Online
b. Catch Fish, after the Aquarium comes out, click catch fish.
c. Start Fishing, click start fishing to start catching fish, we will get 1 type of fish randomly. Start fishing is free only once, then we need gold.
  • Blue Stripes Fish
  • Fish Lantern
  • Shark
Guide For Fishing In All Blue Pirate King Online 1 
Note: there are 2 types of fish based on their function in pirate king, namely fish for feed pet and fish to enhance pet, fish to enhance there are 3 if not wrong, i.e. Guide fishing in all blue
d. click Cultivate, to grow fish. if you don’t like the fish you get, you can click Replace fry, now this should release gold more than 10 gold.
e. Buble Protection, to protect our fish from robbers, activating bubble protection also requires 10 gold. Guide fishing in all blue
f. Touch And blessing, on the right side of the screen, is a button for touch and blessing fish from other players. Touch to look for problems by taking their fish (limited to 2 fish/touch), and a blessing to speed up the process of harvesting their fish 30 minutes. touch will have a trident spear icon, while the blessing will have a heart icon. Fishing In All Blue Pirate King Online