Granger Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Granger Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Granger is a marksman who has long range and high damage abilities. The characteristics of this hero are more or less the same as Lesley, MM hero with a wide range of shots and big damage for each hit.
Granger is a unique marksman because he cannot get the full effects of attack speed from items or emblems (because of passive skills), so the attack is slow and we must maximize physical damage and the skills that are as good as possible. Granger Best Build
Let’s learn how to play Granger starting with their strengths and weaknesses first. Granger Best Build 
Granger Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial  (Guide) 1

Granger’s advantages:

  • High Burst damage, Granger has 6 bullets that will reload after the sixth shot, the last shot will produce 100% critical and also we can do 6 shot burst damage at the same time with 1 skill. Then skill 2 also gives bonus damage for the basic attack so even if the attack speed is slow, the damage from the shot is very high.
  • Has a good long-range attack, skill 3 is super-long shots that can kill enemies who try to escape, this skill is very good for finishing (kill secure) or also poke damage (installments of enemy blood slowly) because of its very wide radius.
  • Quite easy to use, play use this hero is very simple, the skills that are also very easy to mastered, the most important thing is that we can play safely keep our distance and see the condition of our bullets, remember when the last bullet runs out there will be a delay before we can attack again ( reload).
  • Over Power in the early-mid game, usually hero marksman is identical to the ability of the late game, but Granger can begin to dominate the game at the beginning of the game (early-mid) because this hero which relies more on skill than basic attack. The combination of skill 1 and ultimate is already quite a big impact in the early game, we can say that he is the most powerful MM in the beginning, but the drawback is that it tends to be in-effective at the late game compared to other mm (because it loses fast).


Lack of Granger:

  • Attack speed is slow, obviously, the main disadvantage of this hero is the attack speed which is very slow and the bullets are limited (6 shots) so there is a reloading pause which will be very detrimental especially at crucial moments in the late game.
  • The lack of skill movement, it only has 2 skills to position itself but the range of his skills is quite short, it’s slow and minimal escape skill that makes it easy to pick up by agile heroes like Zilong and Chou.
  • The ultimate skill is easy to miss, even though it has a very long shooting distance, but in practice, this skill is easily missed especially when the target moves horizontally (sideways).


Granger Best Build

Granger Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial  (Guide) 2
  • Granger build items should focus on cooldown reduction and physical damage.
  • Because the effect of attack speed will be reduced by 50% on Granger (passive skill), you should not need to attack speed item, just to be critical enough to build Berserker’s Fury as extra critical damage, the rest stay to maximize physical attack and cooldown reduction (40% max CDR).
  • according to me, the build above is most suitable with Granger, but if you have better combination items then try experimenting in your own way, maybe critical builds can be more suited to your playing style, just try to match your skills and games.

The battle spell that is suitable for Granger is Retribution or Flicker.

  • Use Retribution to quickly farm and level up, this spell is very useful for farming during the early-mid game so that we can master lane and games faster.
  • Use Flicker if we tend to want to play safe, this spell is more flexible because it can be used to run away when caught / hit by ganking or when chasing enemies trying to run/escape. Given that Granger lacks skill movement, this spell feels more recommended, especially if the enemy team has agile heroes like Fanny and Natalia.

For emblems we can use Marksman or Assassin emblems.


Granger is very good to fight the following heroes:

  • All marksman heroes (early-mid game)
  • Natalia (early game)
  • Balmond
  • Bane
  • Odette
  • Zhask
  • Valir

Granger is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All assassin heroes
  • Lolita
  • Chou
  • Jawhead
  • Aldous
  • Guinevere
  • Harley
  • Kaja
  • Johnson

Granger guide tips & tricks:

  • The most important key when playing Granger is to keep a safe distance and position yourself properly using skill 2, patiently waiting for the right time to finish using ulti, sometimes skill 3 can we spam to repay enemy HP (depending on the situation), more or less the way to play this hero is the same like how to play Lesley, we hit the enemy slowly but surely and use ultimate as a finisher.
  • The right timing uses skill 1, usually when the last bullet (6th) runs out, we can immediately use skill 1 for burst damage without any delay in reloading, but depending on the situation we don’t have to wait for the six bullets to use skill 1 if conditions don’t allow, usually this is only done when the farm is in jungle and is party to the minion wave.
  • The percentage of ultimate is higher when firing skill 3 in a straight line with the direction of movement of the target, if the enemy only moves vertically then we can just spam the ultimate until it runs out because usually it will be hit more often instead we wait for a moment’s pause (our direction of movement is also forward or backward when launching the ulti), but if the opponent moves sideways we can adjust the first position to follow the direction of the movement so that we are in a straight line back to the target. If the enemy moves quickly at random then inevitably we have to aim manually the skill 3 and predict where the enemy will move.
  • Ultimate skill can also be used to avoid while getting lifesteal (Bloodlust Ax), we can move backwards quickly while giving great damage to nearby enemies, maximize this skill especially when enemies gather with close distance so that the damage given is also getting more massive ( AOE damage).
  • Maximize skill 1 first because this is the main damage/skill and don’t forget to keep using hero lock mode so you don’t target the wrong target with basic attack.
  • Keep relying on teamwork and follow the tank, keep a safe distance behind, always skill spam 1, 2 and 3 throughout the game (remember this hero doesn’t use which system), and try to end games as early as possible because Granger is less effective at late game compared to other mm. Usually when the war at the end of the dps loses quickly with other marksman, therefore focus on the push lane/tower and invite the team to finish the game as quickly as possible (focus turret).