Gord Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Gord Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – In this hero tutorial we will learn how to play using Gord properly and correctly, this one mage hero is quite OP because of his extremely high damage burst ability, he can give magic damage area (AOE).
It make Gord as a versatile mage starting from push lane, defense/attack tower, farming efficiently, killing turtles/lords quickly, and contributing greatly to team fight.
Gord is a teacher of Valir, the main characteristic of this hero is the mage that can damage areas continuously so that it is very easy for the team in push turrets as well as maintaining towers, but only 1 main deficiency of this hero is that mobility is late in Mobile Legends so we will depend more on team backups to be able to play this hero to the fullest. 
Gord Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Gord Advantage

  • Burst one-shot damage, the third combination of Gord’s skill can instantly flatten all enemy lines at once in one attack including opponent tanker heroes, according to Gord, is one of the best mages to deal with burst damage moreover he can burst area damage so that he can easily get maniac / savage when it’s 5 vs 5.
  • Fast farming mage, Gord skill 2 is very effective in cleaning wave minions quickly, besides that it can also kill jungle/buff monsters easily because it doesn’t hurt us to buy jungle items (level 1) at the beginning so it can go up faster early game level.
  • The hero poke is very good, the third type of skill in the area and the range is quite far, so we can pay off the enemy’s blood during the push tower, and it is also a very supportive mage for the pushed lane and defense turret, because it can sweep the minion quickly and damage the area so that the enemy will not be able to carelessly approach / hit the tower.
  • Easy to use, how to use this hero is easy and simple, but positioning is still important considering that this hero is very easy to snatch and because there are no three auto-locking skills, we have to direct it well and learn to predict where the enemy will move.


Gord’s Disadvantage

  • Very slow, Gord’s biggest drawback is the very slow path (hero with the lowest movement speed), therefore it will take a long time for planning/roaming and usually, he also can’t chase enemies who are running away or run away from enemy chases.
  • Quite easy to avoid, because the skills are in the form of AOE, it is clear that the enemy just avoids the skill shot area, which is why we must be smart at guessing where the enemy will move, then we can also use the stun from skill 1 so that damage skills 2 and 3 can be hit effectively and long enough.
  • Not having a good escape / movement skill, it is slow he also does not have any mechanism of movement on all three skills, you could say that the Layla version is slower, so this hero is really easy to pick up and is a soft food for nimble assassins like Fanny, Gusion, Natalia, etc.
  • Dependent on the team, because Gord is very soft and slow then surely he must always take cover behind his friend, you should play safely when using this hero because without the support/backup of the team the hero will only be a running feeder for the opposing team.


Gord tips build items: 

Gord Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • I suggest using the build above because it is ideal and suitable for various situations.
  • Because Gord need to spam the skills throughout the game, then it’s best for the first Enchanted Talisman to build (where is regen), why? Because if we have to go back and forth base to just fill out what, then a lot of time will be wasted trying to navigate the map because the movement is very slow and we will not be able to push lanes to the maximum, the better time is used to press, push tower, or help friends in another lane, so buy this item first (or second after shoes).
  • Then the next build is Concentrated Energy (30% spell vamp/life steal skill), just like the case above, if we have to go back and forth to fill the HP then it would be a shame to just laning, with this item we can fill blood by cleaning minion/jungle because Gord 2 skill can deal massive damage and we will get a high lifesteal so there is no need to go back to the base just to fill the blood.
  • Next buy the Ice Queen Wand item because it will give a slow effect which is very useful to maximize damage skill 2 and Gord’s ultimate skill, with the addition of this slow down effect the enemy will avoid the skill 2 attack area and the Gord ultimate longer, so this item is very suitable and will greatly contribute especially to team fight.
  • We can replace the last item with a Necklace of Durance (50% reduce healing) if there are a lot of lifesteal on the enemy team, or you can also use Devil Tears (magic penetration) if there are lots of thick defense heroes like a hard tank or fighter on your opponent.
  • The build above is what I most recommended, but all back again on the preferences of each player, if you feel there is a build that is more suitable for your style, then try experimenting with your own build items.
The battle spell that is most suitable for Gord is Flicker.
Use Flicker to overcome Gord’s lack of mobility, my advice is to use this spell just to escape when caught, don’t use Flicker to chase enemies who try to escape (unless sure / get a kill).
For emblems, we can use Common Magic or Custom Mage emblems.

Gord is very good / OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All Tank
  • Kaja
  • All hero fighters (as long as there are backups)
  • Layla (early game)
  • Odette (skill 1 can control Odette ultimate)
  • Zhask


Gord is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All assassin heroes
  • Selena
  • Jawhead
  • Zilong
  • Alucard
  • Chou
  • Harley
  • Bruno
  • Irithel
  • Lesley


Gord skill combination:

Before using ultimate we should start with skills 1 and 2 first, at least we hit with skill 1 first so that the enemy gets stunned and uses the ultimate so that damage can be fully affected, for example:
Skill 1 – Skill 3 or Skill 2 –  Skill 1 – Skill 3

Burst damage to one shot

We can launch a super-deadly attack by instantly removing all existing skills quickly.
Skill 1 – Skill 2 –  Skill 3

make sure the enemy is stunned from skill 1 so that this combination can run smoothly, if we see the enemy can avoid this skill 1 then do not continue skill 2/3 because they will be able to avoid it easily (unless we have built item Ice Queen Wand).

Tips & tricks for hero guide Gord:

  • Buy Hunter’s Knife items (level 1 jungle items) at early game  so you can quickly farm and level up as early as possible.
  • When you are level 4 we can start playing aggressively and launch a one-shot damage burst to anyone, try searching for an opportunity where the enemy is off guard and give the deadly combo to kill him instantly. Usually, this opportunity arises when we hide on the grass and the enemy is not aware of our existence.
  • Always spam skill 1 and 2 while on push or def tower, if the situation is calm, use skill 3 to clean the minion quickly (early-mid game) so that you can level up and get more gold.
  • If the item spell vamp has been bought and the HP is not too critical it should not need to go back to the base (because it will take a long time), it’s better to just farm and gets the lifesteal through the forest minion/monster.
  • You should never be in the lane/area alone, always take shelter or look for backups of friends, never solo push let alone try 1 vs 1 in an empty lane because this hero is very, very easy to pick up and is the main food of all assassin heroes, so really we must play safely and rely on the team as much as possible.