Fist of the North Star Tips and Tricks

Fist of the North Star Tips and Tricks: Legend revive – Fist of the North Star Legends Review is a mobile RPG game made by SEGA. This game allows you to unlock various characters that you can enter into a team.
To be able to get a solid team, get free prizes, win battles and other things to become a great fighter in the Fist of the North Legends Revive, you can learn in the tips and tricks below. Here are tips and tricks to play Fist of the North Star Legends Revive

Unlock many characters

Your main goal in this game is to open the available characters and try as much as possible to get the best characters in the Fist of the North Star Legends Revive.
Although you have to pay for Gacha, this game provides lots of free Gacha from the start if you actively play and diligently collect prizes in the game.
Even without Gacha, you can still get these characters through special events or carrying out missions. So, you actually have lots of opportunities to be able to get all the characters.
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How to win the fight

If you want to win the battle, the most important thing is that you have to make sure you have the best team that contains the best characters you have, you can see a list of characters and how to unlock the Fist of the North Star Legends Revive character here.
Besides having the best team, make sure you have the right fighters on the field. Usually, you have a tank character (has a lot of health) in the front line because they are the first to take damage, and damage dealers with a little health in the backline, this is a strategy that you can follow.
Next is to pay attention to the order of your attacks. You can trigger combos during battles and doing so can increase damage to your fighter.
Because combo values ​​increase from time to time, it’s good for you to always save your best fighter (able to deal a lot of damage) for the final attack. That way, you will maximize the damage faced by your fighter thanks to the maximum increase received from the combo. If you tap the screen and not the portrait of the fighter you are attacking, the game will automatically choose your fighter and it will not always work well.

Join the Guild

You have nothing to lose if you join the Guild because you will get a lot of useful prizes in the game. Some features that you can access in the Guild are Daily free supplies, Fang Clan Chase (playing mini-games to get rewards in the form of games, EXP bottles, Guild Shop), Amiba’s Research, and so on.
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You can skip the Arena battle

When you fight in the Arena, you really can skip battles and quickly win also save time
To skip the Arena battle, you should really start the battle, but when you get there, you just tap the “Skip” button on the left and you will get the results instantly

Add friends to Get Chance of Energy

You can add 100 friends on Fist of the North Star Legends Review and make sure you keep adding friends until the list is full and delete inactive ones, add active friends.
You don’t need to have real-life friends playing this game because you can add random friends who are recommended by the game itself in the main menu.
Each of the friends on your list can send you 2 free energy every day. Gather all the energy (there is a limit to gathering 50 friends) and be sure to send energy to your friends every day.

Tap the dove to get a prize

A dove usually flies on the main screen, if you see the dove, tap the dove to get a prize.

Play all game modes

In this game there are several game modes, such as Colosseum’s Dojo (you can get a Dojo medal and use it to buy items in the shop), Nanto Mode (you can get Juodollars, shard characters, and trial medals), you can use a trial medal to buy EXP bottles, character shards, EXP trophies, and more), then there are daily events (you can get EXP bottles, Juodollars, and several other items).
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Keep an eye on all shops for character shards

There are a variety of shops (where you spend your currency obtained in various ways to get shard characters and various items you need) available at Fist of the North Star Legends Review.
Keep an eye on the shops (especially the Black Market that opens randomly when you act in the game) and don’t hesitate to buy the items you need there. Currencies that you get from a Guild or Trial can no longer be spent on anything else.
That’s the tips and tricks to play Fist of the North Star Legends Revive. If you know of other tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments column.

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