Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – After a long time neglected finally Faramis – The Alchemist will be coming soon to the original server. Faramis is a support / mage hero who has a unique ability to revive dead friends, including himself.
I think Faramis will be a free hero just like Belerick at the beginning of his appearance. We can use Faramis as a full support hero or mage (magic damager), the main strength of this hero is his ultimate skill which can give a momentary breath to our dead team hero so that at crucial moments like teamfight will be very troublesome for the enemy. Faramis Best Build
Immediately, we learn the Faramis tutorial that will be released soon, first we start from the advantages and deficiency. Faramis Best Build
Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial  (Guide) 1

Faramis advantages:

  • CC skills & AOE burst damage are annoying, skill 1 deals damage and can attract many enemies at once, then the skill 2 is a burst of magic damage that will hurt if more enemies are present, this combination of 2 skills is very annoying especially when the team war 5 vs 5. We can provide massive damage and crowd control which is quite troublesome for the opposing team.
  • Very short respawn time, Faramis passive skills can reduce respawn (reduce resurrection time) to 90%, so we can immediately fight again after being killed.
  • It is quite easy to use, as we know all Faramis skills are easy to understand and do not need special abilities to use them, the most important thing is that we know when the right moment to use skill 3 and smart to play with skills 1 & 2.
  • Versatile skill, this resurrect ability is very useful when our team attacks or maintains a tower, because as long as this ultimate area is still there, our dead team will continue to come back to life and be able to attack until the time is up, so at inevitable times avoidance) like a push tower and this war skill team will often bring victory.

Faramis Disadvantages

  • Small damage, obviously because this role hero is actually support, so he tends to be less effective in offensive, his skill 2 is indeed sick but it takes many enemies to gather in 1 area to be able to maximize the damage of this skill.
  • CC is easily avoided, first we have to touch the opponent’s hero with skill 1, then we also have to keep the distance too far in order to attract them, in practice this skill is very difficult to hit successfully because the enemy will usually move away when tied to skill chain 1, will even more difficult if we target multiple targets at once.
  • Ultimate skills that often do not meet expectations, in theory the ultimate is very dangerous, but that does not mean that everything will run easily, just like the ultimate skill Argus, it looks too OP but often disappoints the reality, often when we use this skill to help the team, they instead running away (out of this skill area) not to mention sometimes enemies can hit & run to buy time until the duration of this skill runs out, so we should know the timing is right to use and maximize this skill well.

Faramis best build

Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial  (Guide) 2
According to me, there are 2 types, We can use Faramis as mage (line 1) or support (line 2).
  • Use the first line item build if we want to provide high magic damage, indeed Faramis skills don’t have a large burst of damage, but with the help of the deadly combination of Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon this deficiency can be tricked.
  • If we want to play as support, then use the second line, here we focus on cooldown reduction and defense items for survival. All return to the team condition, if indeed the team lacks damage, then use the first build, on the contrary if the team already has a lot of carry / damager, then play more supportive (build 2).
  • If you think there are builds and combination items that are more suitable then try experimenting with your own way of playing, maybe there is another hybrid build that suits your game.
For battle spells we can use whatever we like, because according to me this hero is quite flexible both offense and defense. I usually use Execute (if use mage build) and Flicker / Aegis (if use support build).
For emblems we can use Mage or Support emblems.

Faramis is very good / OP against the following heroes:

  • Natalia (early game)
  • Karina (early game)
  • Khufra
  • Sun
  • Balmond
  • Bane
  • Rafaela

Faramis is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All assassin heroes
  • Guinevere
  • Ruby
  • Chou
  • Kaja
  • Diggie

Tips, tricks and guide Faramis:

  • The main key to playing Faramis is to know the inevitable moment to use ultimate so we can dominate the game, we must patiently wait for the right timing to maximize skill 3, these moments usually occur when the enemy is superior when attacking the turret / teamfight, preferably use this skill when one of our friends is dying (and most likely will die), use it as soon as possible if we are going to get killed.
  • Maximize skill 2 first because this is Faramis’s main weapon, use these 2 skills when there are many targets (hero / minion) so as to provide significant additional damage, but do not need to wait for the enemy to gather if there are not many targets, ideally first we use skills 1 to draw all targets approaching Faramis then we launch skill 2 as finishing.
  • In fact we don’t need to be fixated on this theory, just use skills 1 and 2 according to circumstances, skill 1 as crowd control is used when we want to capture enemies who try to escape, skills 2 we use to poke and play damage.
  • Spam skill 1 for fast moving and switching lane, remember this skill 1 adds momentary movement speed, so we can use it when it is important to run away or also chase enemies. When you want to attract enemies to keep a safe distance, do not get too far but also not too close so that the enemy can finish us off, normally imagine we are being hit & run using long-range marksman like Layla / Lesley.
  • When beginning we should focus on cleaning up minions and collecting passive stack skills to the maximum, so that we can respawn faster when we die.
  • One of my favorite tactics is suicide attack, so when there is no hope of escaping / escaping from the opponent’s gank, then give resistance to the last drop using the ultimate skill, so instead of running away from the enemy siege, we deliberately challenge them and deal damage as much as possible to the enemy or hold them (with skill 1) so as not to chase our friends / team who are running away.
  • Faramis is not very effective alone or solo lane, still playing safe and relying on teamwork both when using build support and full mage.