Esmeralda Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Esmeralda Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Esmeralda is a hybrid hero in Mobile Legends, she is a semi tank hero and has two physical and magic attributes. You could say almost all build items are suitable for him because she has balanced attack and defense abilities as well as physical and magical damage.
Esmeralda is a versatile hero because its mixed roles and attributes can cover all types of roles that exist, so we can adjust this hero with the composition of the existing team, if the team is lacking tankers we can use Esmeralda as a tank and so with other roles. Esmeralda Best Build
Let’s learn how to play Esmeralda’s hero starting with its advantages and disadvantages first. Esmeralda Best Build
Esmeralda Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial  (Guide) 1

The advantages of Esmeralda:

  • The super shield’s ability to survive, Esmeralda can produce shields and also steal shields from its enemies with skill 1, besides that the attack will also give shields to enemies that we can absorb it with skill 1. For survival, this hero is very tough and OP even though we don’t use defense / tank items.
  • Double basic attack, just like Claude, this hero has 2 basic attacks that can maximize the damage produced by items such as the Demon Hunter Sword or Feather of Heaven which strengthens the output damage from basic attack.
  • Ideal in all phases, Esmeralda includes the OP hero in all situations from the beginning until the end of the game (early-late game), because the build and role are versatile, it’s no wonder we can easily adjust their strength to the situation.
  • It is quite easy to use, even though it looks mixed, play use this hero is easy and the skills are easy to understand, the most important thing is we know the right build when playing, pay attention to the composition of our team and opponents.

Esmeralda Disadvantages:

  • All-hybrid role and responsibility, the main drawback of this hero is that her mixed characteristics sometimes make us confused about what to build, whether to focus on attack / damage or defense or semi-tanks, if according to me we should just adjust to the team’s needs whether our team needs more additional hitters or tankers.
  • Lack of CC skills, it does not have enough Crowd Control to control the situation, the only CC she has is stun for a moment on skill 3, besides that she only has a shield and protection for himself. If we use Esmeralda as a tank, we will unable to protect / cover our friends.
  • Ultimate skill is easy to miss, ultimate skill needs casting time which makes it easier for enemies to avoid it especially if they have seen Esmeralda’s ultimate preparations, besides that sometimes this skill is also often a bug (it doesn’t come out when we cast).

Esmeralda best build

Esmeralda Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial  (Guide) 2
  • According to me, if we want to play offensive (tend to attack), the Feather of Heaven item is a build core item that we have to buy. While if we are more defensive (tend to survive) then buy Oracle items to strengthen the shield effect.
  • The first line build are the most ideal and recommended, this is normal build magic and Esmeralda can run its role mage very well using this build.
  • The second build line is the type of marksman or fighter, meaning that we will often play in close combat with basic attack, the main advantage of this build is that Esmeralda will be very strong in 1 vs 1 and can finish off thick tanks and other heroes very easily, but lack of effects Shield skill 1 will be thinner because this shield comes from magic power so that the survival ability will be greatly reduced and it will be easy to die especially if caught by lots of heroes.
  • The third line item is a tank build, suitable for use when teams need tankers, but I personally do not recommend this build because it is far more leverage if we use this hero as a mage full magic damage or at least a mage semi tank like Alice.
  • When playing as a mage (build attacker) we should use the Necklace of Durance item if the enemy has high lifesteal like Ruby and Alucard.

Almost all battle spells are suitable for Esmeralda because they are so flexible, I prefer Aegis, Petrify, Sprint, or Flicker

  • Aegis is suitable for extra defense
  • Petrify can be used for extra cc
  • Sprint / Flicker is good for playing safe (escape when critical)

For emblems we can use Mage or Support emblems.


Esmeralda is very good against the following heroes:

  • All tank heroes and fighters (close combat)
  • Natalia
  • Karina
  • Harith
  • Hanabi
  • Kimmy
  • Diggie
  • Angela
  • Sun

Esmeralda is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Saber
  • Fanny
  • Gusion
  • Selena
  • Nana
  • Lunox
  • Karrie
  • Kaja

Tips, trick and guide to play Esmeralda:

  • My advice is to use this hero as pure mage only because the potential of existing skills will be more maximal if we build the highest magic power (build 1). If you like hybrid types please use the build which you think is right.
  • Maximize skill 2 first because this skill is main attack from Esmeralda, this skill also reduces CD skill 1 so we can spam skills more often if we maximize skill 2 first.
  • Use skill 1 before attacking using skill 2 so that survival skills Esmeralda is higher, ideally use skill 1 -> skill 2, then the damage produced will give the enemy shield which will be absorbed by skill 1 so we can increase defense and give damage at once.
  • When you want to absorb the enemy’s shield with skill 1 try to be close to the target, because if your distance is a bit far away then your opponent’s shield will not be absorbed. In addition, we can also spam skill 1 to slowly recover our cooldown because Esmeralda’s passive skill will change the shield to be extra blood.
  • When launching the ultimate skill, it is better to be in a place that is not visible (bush / grass) because before removing the ultimate, Esmeralda will do a signal that is easily known to the enemy so that they can easily anticipate this skill. So try to give a surprise attack by hiding or if the enemy is very close we can attack directly without having to cast this skill at all (just tap once without the need to press).
  • This hero does have a remarkable survival ability against several heroes at once, but he is very vulnerable to crowd control, without shield Esmeralda is very soft and easy to die, so be careful if there are CC hero enemies especially damager + disable hero like Saber, if one of them engages in the middle of teamfight we might die instantly without giving a fight. Effective in war teams still rely on backups from tanks, so don’t just hold your body and attack yourself, still rely on teamwork and actually remember this hero is a mage not a tank.