Elune Tips and Tricks

Elune tips and tricks – Elune is an RPG game made by Gamevil that is available on Mobile devices. This game allows you to do battles, summon heroes, upgrade heroes and so on.
Below are tips and tricks for you Elune players who want to accelerate the progress of the game, the following tips and tricks.

Log In Every Day To Collect Daily Prizes

Every day you will get a prize by just entering the game and then you can claim a very helpful prize. Even though you don’t currently want to play, you can spend a little of your time just entering the game to claim the prize.

Fight Automatically

When you fight, you can see the auto-battle button in the upper right corner of the screen which is used to activate the automatic battle in the game. It will automatically attack and release the skills of the heroes when their turn comes, so use it to speed up the game at the initial stage, because at the beginning it’s still easy.
In the next stage, use your own skills because you will know when you will use them.
Next to the auto-battle button, you can also speed up the battle so that you will be faster to the next stage.
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Speed ​​Up Game Progress Through Adventure Mode

You can accelerate the progress of the game by going through the initial stages in Adventure mode. There will be resources and rubies that are very useful.
You should try to complete as many stages as possible, so you can level up your Elune or hero and claim as many as 45 rubies that you get after completing the first stage. This will be useful for you who want to summon Elune more. Elune tips and tricks

Get More Elune

Elune is a hero in the game that you can get by summoning. You will get them through the mailbox at the beginning of the game as a new player and also get them from events, Adventure stages, and so on.
Each hero has a different rarity level, rarity levels ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary (the most difficult to get because of the best). Elune tips and tricks
One easy way to get Elune is to summon, tap “Summon”. there you will see a Premium Elune Summon, which you can do 1 x free in a day. So, it’s mandatory to try it because who knows your luck is on your side.
To do a summon you usually charge 30 rubies, but if you choose 11 summon, you will pay 300 rubies and get 1 free.
So, save 300 rubies for you to use later to get a Legendary level Elune. You have to save every ruby ​​you get to get as much as 300 rubies. Elune tips and tricks
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Upgrade Elune Tips and Tricks

You can improve your Elune in this game, so you will become stronger. It is recommended to upgrade the Elune that you use frequently or your Elune flagship.
To upgrade, tap Elune or the hero you want to upgrade and open the Upgrade tab. You better upgrade the best hero you have, because you will be easily defeated if you try to upgrade everything, so focus on the hero that you think is best.
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Form a Right Team 

Before doing a battle, you can choose the hero you want to put on the team. You can see that you have two choices, namely Front and Back, meaning that in the Front must be filled with a hero who can take a hit so that the dealer damage will not die.
In hindsight, you must place damage dealers because they are usually heroes who don’t have defensive skills and tend to die easily in just a few attacks.
That’s Elune tips and tricks. If you know of other tips and tricks, please comment below. 

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