Elsu Guide: Skills, Item, Arcana and Talent Arena of Valor

Elsu Guide: Skills, Item, Arcana and Talent Arena of Valor – Elsu is a hero with the theme of Indian tribes from the interior of America. It has a blend of class archers and assassins. Elsu can be placed in the midlane and also abyssal lane because it has a very long range of hits.
Elsu Guide: Skills, Item, Arcana and Talent Arena of Valor 1
The reason why Elsu is an assassin hero is very high damage because of the conversion from crit chance to damage. In addition, he also has support skills such as making him able to shoot very far and be shocked from war quite quickly.
This article will discuss all the characteristics of Elsu as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the hero so that you can play it more leverage when playing.

Tips and Tricks in Taking Skills

You should focused on maximizing the Snipe. You can just take it at level one on level four to escape from a bad situation and not be lucky. The key to playing Elsu is that you must be able to maximize the use of Snipe and your positioning when farming or war occurs.
Disengage is only useful when you make a wrong positioning so you can escape quickly and safely. Even if you are very clever at positioning, you might not need to take Disengage. To be safer, just take the level one to take advantage of the bonus movement speed and also the dash effect.

Item Guide

Early Game

1. Rankbreaker
The first item that you must pay in advance. Rankbreaker will give you a movement speed bonus effect and Pierce’s armor outside of its high damage status. The Windbreaker movement speed bonus is very useful for switching positions quickly.
2. Hermes Select
The reason why we give Hermes Select as a mandatory item is because it’s the cheapest and fastest-made shoe. Hermes Select will also give you a high movement speed bonus outside of the fight and make it easier for you to take a position when you will finish off an enemy that is already dying.
One time you might fail and not hit your enemy when doing a Snipe, and your position will be discovered and will be the next main target. With a bonus movement speed from Hermes Select you can run easily from the enemy chase.

Core Item

1. Fenrir’s Tooth
This item is the core item that you must chase first. By holding Fenrir’s Tooth, you can more easily finish off the enemy especially with the effect that Fenrir gives, which is an additional 30 percent damage when the enemy’s HP is below 50 percent.
2. Devil’s Handshake
Your goal to buy this item is not because of the bonus attack speed but because of the critical rate and movement speed. Remember, each critical rate received by Elsu will be converted to attack damage thanks to Elsu’s passive skill. Besides that additional movement speed can make you move easier to find the right positioning.

Additional Item

1. Flashy Boots
The cooldown reduction given can make Snipe’s skill even faster during recharging. Not a bad choice of shoes if you are not too familiar or comfortable with Hermes Select.
2. Muramasa
More damage and pierce’s armor will make Snipe more painful. The cooldown reduction given also makes Snipe faster in recharging. Muramasa is usually an item choice late when all core items have been purchased.
3. Blade of Eternity
This Ancient Glory replacement item is suitable for Elsu because in addition to providing ressurrect, this item also adds 10 percent damage. Just like Muramasa, this item is also one of the favorites bought in the late game.
4. Curse of Death
If you are dealing with a hero who has very high HP regeneration, this item is the answer. Regenerating your opponent’s cellphone will decrease, and you will find it easier to kill it with a Snipe.
5. Death Sickle
This item is also not a bad choice because it can withstand finishing blow from the enemy. If you were wrongly positioned or the main target, this item could be your helper. Besides that, Death Sickle also provides high damage status and cooldown reduction
6. Bow of Slaughter
The reality is useless for Elsu, but the critical ratio is huge. The critical rate given by this item can increase your damage attack and make Snipe more sick.

Talent Guide

1. Flicker
The most common and favorite talents for all Archers in all the Arena of Valor. Flicker allows you to run away instantly in the worst situations or can even chase a dying enemy and you can do a Snipe from an unexpected distance.
2. Heal
If your positioning is good enough and your Tank does its job well, Heal is not a bad choice. There is nothing wrong and loss from helping your own friends who have difficulty holding enemy damage so you can finish towards the enemy.

Arcana Guide

1. Onslaught
Additional damage as well as pierce’s armor given greatly helps your status at the beginning and throughout the game
2. Assassinate
More additional damage and also this time there is an additional movement speed that makes you easier to do positioning.
3. Dragon’s Claw
Just like Onslaught, you will get additional damage and armor for Pierce.