Egersis Guide: Combo, Formation, Gameplay (Auto Chess)

Egersis Guide: Combo, Formation, Gameplay (Auto Chess) – Egersis is one of the complementary combos that might rarely be the highlight in Auto Chess. This is natural because this combo only requires two units, and is usually formed without planned at all. But if installed in the right lineup, this combo can have a significant effect.

In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of Egersis combos and how to build them.


Egersis Guide: Combo Effect

The effect of this Egersis combo is simple, which is to reduce the armor of the opponent’s unit. This means that the physical damage done by your unit will be higher. If used in a lineup that focuses on physical damage, this combo can be very important.

  • 2 Egersis: Reduces your opponent’s armor by 4 points
  • 4 Egersis: Reduces your opponent’s armor by 10 points

As an illustration of how significant this combo effect is, the average unit in Auto Chess has 5 armor and the highest is 10 armor. So if you get a combo of four Egersis your units will do double damage to the majority of the opposing units.


Egersis Guide: List of Units

Ergeris units

Currently there are only four Egersis units available in the game. So to get the full combo, you must have the four units below.

  • Egersis Ranger (Egersis / Hunter, 1 Gold): The cheapest and most easily upgraded Egersis unit. It is quite effective in producing damage but needs to be supported by Hunter combos and upgrades that are fast enough to remain effective until the end of the game.
  • Umbra (Egersis / Dragon / Hunter, 2 Gold): A unit that is fairly new in Auto Chess and is quite powerful. Because it doesn’t only have damage if you have a Hunter combo, this unit is also quite tough thanks to its abilities.
  • Evil Knight (Egersis / Knight, 3 Gold): The Egersis unit is the toughest because besides having a Knight combo, it also can give shields to yourself or other groups that need it.
  • Soul Reaper (Egersis / Warlock, 4 Gold): Because it is the most expensive, this unit deserves to be called the best Egersis. This is because his abilities not only give heal to your group but also deal damage to the opponent’s group.


Egersis Guide: Formation

Ergeris formation

Looking at the four available units, I think you are immediately aware that the ideal formation for Egersis is Knight-Hunter-Warlock. All three combos fulfill all your needs in making a lineup. Knights function as frontline troops, Hunter for damage, then Warlock for utilities.

Besides, Hunter is an aggressive combo that produces damage from physical attacks. So coupled with the Egersis combo, even three Hunters can already create significant damage. Then to add sustainability, Warlock combos can provide manifests.

  • Frost Knight
  • Hell Knight
  • Evil Knight
  • Lightblade Knight
  • Egersis Rangerk
  • Umbra
  • Wind Ranger / Dwarf Sniper / Siren
  • Desperate Doctor
  • Soul Reaper

Of course that’s only happen if you want to target the Egersis four combo. If you’re going to use two Egersis combo, you have more choices. With Ranger and Umbra, you only need one more Hunter to activate the Egersis and Hunter combos. While on the front lines, you only need to enter the Warrior or Goblin.

If you only find one Egersis / Hunter, you can enter Soul Reaper to activate the Egersis combo. After that, open one more Warlock unit to get the Warlock combo effect. Knights can also be pair with Egersis, Warlock, and also Glacier.

There are many ways to activate the Egersis combo. The only question is whether the lineup you made can maximize the combo effect or not.


Egersis Guide: Gameplay

Don’t be too dizzy looking for Egersis combos. Sooner or later, you will get it without realizing it. Ideally, you want to get Egersis Ranger and Umbra in the first few rounds and get an upgrade for both right away. That way, you can find Warriors who are usually cheap enough to protect the Hunter.

Play as usual and install the Egersis combo if the units you get are suitable for inclusion. For example, you are playing two knights and three hunters, one of whom is Egersis / Hunter. Then you happen to find an Evil Knight. Because it is suitable, there is no harm in entering the Evil Knight. The same is the case with Soul Reaper.

Finally, we always recommend using this combo in the lineup, which deals with damage through physical attacks. Hunter is the easiest choice, but a Knight or Warrior combined with Glacier can also be an alternative.

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