How To Get All Medals in Hago

How To Get All Medals in Hago 1
How To Get All Medals in Hago – In this digital age, people can easily communicate, either by using social media applications or by using accounts that can connect us, and all of that cannot be released from the role of smartphones such as Android. This communication tool is often a tool to seek entertainment such as playing the game.
This application contains a large selection of games that are popular and in great demand, but we can say this game is to enjoy and can also make friends through this application by adding friends. This game is fun and to appreciate the players currently at Hago give medals.
There are many medals in Hago itself and each medal that has a name that matches the skill of the players, as an example there is a fast hand medal that is a medal given to those who play a lot and win the knife throwing game.
With this medal, the requirement can be your benchmark so you can get a win, check the profile of friends and see what their expertise is, for more details and further is the medal name of Hago and how to get it.

How To Get Medals in Hago

1.   Lively Hands

As the name implies to get this medal you need to play a game that does require agility or speed and the available game choices will be used for one game, namely throwing a knife, for that way getting a medal from agile hago can be by throwing a knife, and of course you have to win too.

2.   Emoji Maniac

Just like chat applications like lines, hago also has emojis and in-app there are 4 emojis that you can use like smiling, angry, crying and confused, if you are a player who uses emojis here then you can get medals for this.


3.   Popular boy

Maybe this one medal can be used as one of the most sought medals, the more people who involve your profile, the greater your chance to get this popular boy medal.

4.   Bat

The bat’s medal is a medal given to hago players who often play hago games at night, not necessarily at what time, but for sure you want to get this one medal then you can do it by multiplying the main game at night.

5.   Generous

In establishing friendships, maybe we often chat or also give love to our friends, for those of you who might want to get this generous medal, you can apply it by multiplying love for your friends in Hago.

6.  Genius

There are many games that require you to sharpen your brain or broader knowledge such as super games, games that really need extensive knowledge because of the questions are given and knowledge, for that you have to win this game often so the genius medal can enter your account.

7.   Cit Chat

Expand to chat with your friends so you can get this one medal, as it allows you to have two chat options that you can use to chat with text and with sound or voice.

8.  French people

The existence of this game does exist for entertainment only and establish many friendships, for that more and more than that it will be able to get this medal.

9.   Fussy

As explained that there are chat voices that you can use, you just have to activate the speaker at the top and you are already connected to other sounds with sound so you can use many features to get good.