Cyclops Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Cyclops Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Cyclops is quite popular and is often used in ranked mode. This hero can provide magic damage continuously, especially if we build max CDR is 40%. It can be spam skills without stopping throughout the game.
Cyclops is like a marksman with magic attributes because he can bombard the enemy with his skills and strong enough in all phases (early-mid-late game). This hero can be a good mid laner replacing Marksman roles which are usually in the middle. Cyclops Best Build\
Cyclops Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1
According to me, Cyclops is one of the heroes that Overpower, because he can be fast farming, fast movement, and provide mass magic damage, especially if we build using spell vamp (lifesteal skill). Cyclops Best Build
It will very difficult for the enemy to kill us in 1 vs 1. Okay, we will discuss the Cyclops tutorial starting with an explanation of its advantages and disadvantages. Cyclops Best Build

Cyclops advantages

  • Cooldown reduction is fast, the main advantage of Cyclops is the passive skill can reduce the cooldown of all skills for 0.5 seconds each time when we hit a target. We can also spam all skills quickly and use them again so we can constantly attack nonstop with all three skills.
  • Damage and lifesteal are high. Because he can continue to attack with his skills, this hero becomes like a fighter/marksman who can provide significant damage continuously, so with the help of vamp spell items he can continue to get lifesteal and become one of the strong mages that can kill turtle/lord alone.
  • Fast farming, not many mages can handle quickly, but Cyclops can grow quickly because he can kill jungle monsters with a combination of skills 1 and skill 2. It also includes fast cleaning of minion waves and switching lanes so that this hero is perfect for roaming and replaces marksman roles which are usually in the mid lane.
  • Ideal in all phases, this hero is strong from the beginning of the game (early game) to the end (late game), we can take advantage of his fast farming capabilities to surpass level (exp) and gold so it can more easily to dominate the game.


Cyclops Disadvantages

  • Not having good crowd control, skill 3 Cyclops is only single targets and provide immobilized effects for 1-2 seconds, so it is not very reliable to control situations other than giving pure burst magic damage only.
  • It doesn’t have a good skill escape, even though skill 2 can give a momentary movement speed, but this skill is not good enough to help Cyclops to escape when captured by the enemy. 
The good news is that Cyclops is a mage who does not have many shortcomings other than the lack of crowd control, so if you are the type who likes to play assassins or pure burst damage, it will definitely like playing this hero.

Cyclops Best Build

Cyclops Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Cyclops build should focus on the highest cooldown reduction and magic damage.
  • Use first build line If the team gives us buffs.
  • Use second line build if there are friends in the team who need buffs so that we can’t take it.
  • Cyclops build items are quite flexible, the most important thing is we have to maximize the CDR (at least 30%) in order to be able to exploit the skills that exist throughout the game.
The most suitable battle spell for the Cyclops is Retribution and Flicker.
  • Use Retribution for fast farming, this spell is perfect if we play in the middle (mid lane) replacing marksman, so we will be quick to collect gold/exp and can roaming help the team in other lanes. But don’t use retribution if there are already 2 friends who use this spell. Usually, 3 retribution in the team is not effective because there will be a jungle dispute and this spell will not be optimal to use.
  • Use Flicker to play safe, we can use Flicker to escape when it is precarious and engaging from the enemy suddenly, this spell is also useful for chasing enemies who are trying to escape when dying.
For emblems, we can use Magic emblems.

Cyclops is very good against the following heroes:

  • All fighter heroes
  • All hero marksman
  • Karina
  • Eudora
  • Gord
  • Vexana
  • Aurora
  • Pharsa

The Cyclops is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • Saber
  • Fanny
  • Hayabusa
  • Natalia
  • Lancelot
  • Helcurt
  • Lolita

Cyclops skill combination:

To maximize the passive skill effect, we should use skills 1 and 2 at the same time to give maximum cooldown reduction. So we will get a cooldown reduction of 3.5 seconds in both skills (7 hits x 0.5 seconds).
So use skill 2 -> skill 1 quickly like the following snippet:
Cyclops Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 3
Use this combination to attack especially during farming so that it can kill jungle monsters faster, besides that we can also use additional skill 3 before engaging, so use skill 3 -> skill 2 -> skill 1 quickly so we get a 4-second cooldown reduction on the three skills we have used.

Tips, tricks, and Guide for Cyclops:

  • Maximize skill 2 first because this skill has 5 hits so it gives more cooldown reduction, besides this skill also provides a versatile movement speed effect, so prioritize new skills 2 after that skill 1.
  • We recommend that you use hero lock mode so when you use the ultimate skill we don’t hit the wrong target because the skill range of the ultimate is quite wide.
  • Remember to use skill  2 -> skill 1 when cleaning minions and monsters. You can kill monsters faster including when attacking your opponents, but pay attention to the situation too, sometimes there is a better time to use skills 1 and skills 2 at a time (not all at once )
  • Skill 1 is more suitable for attack the enemies at the same time especially if the position is parallel, while skill 2 is more suitable for single targets (suitable for monster jungle/enemy hero). By understanding this difference, we will know which skill must be taken when teamfight.
  • Use skill 1 to beat the enemies at once, use skill 2 to give burst damage to the target and positioning (taking the right position to attack/defend).
  • If we are superior 2-3 levels from the opposing team and already have spell vamp or lifesteal items. We can play a little more aggressively and push the tower as fast as possible because the enemy will lose when facing 1 to 1 with the Cyclops.