Claude Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Claude Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – This hero has a partner of little monkey (partner in crime) named Dexter. The unique thing is that every basic attack that
Claude will produce then Dexter (the monkey) will also issue a basic attack that has a much smaller damage, this is where the main advantages and characteristics of Claude.  Claude Best Build

Claude can issue 2 basic attacks in one attack, then we can combine them with various items and spells to maximize the potential of this hero in the match, with the right build items so he can easily dominate every fight in the late game. Claude Best Build
Claude Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1
According to me, this hero is likely to experience various balancing (buff and nerf) until later released on the original server, my experience playing this hero tends to over power, especially in the phase mid-late game, it could be a meta-hero and one the strongest marksman in this game. Claude Best Build
Now we will discuss how to play Claude’s hero starting from an explanation of his strengths and weaknesses first. Claude Best Build

Claude’s advantages:

  • Marksman with bursts damage. Cause he can issue 2 basic attacks at once, we can quickly trigger the passive skill effects of the items that must be stacked with basic attacks, that is the main selling point of Claude. His ability to provide multiple basic attacks plus with its ultimate skill which is also considered as a basic attack, so we can bombarded all enemies in an area with basic attacks + skill effects of items.
  • Hero poke is very good. skill 2 can bring up a hologram-like shadow of a monkey (Dexter) and attack enemies around, with this skill we can repay enemy blood safely and especially we can exchange positions with the hologram’s shadow to outwit the enemy, we can also be used as extra mobility when we chase or run away from the opponent’s gank.
  • Very effective against many enemies at once. Claude’s main strength is in the combination of his passive skills, item skills, spell inspire, and ultimate skill. if you used that in the right moment, you can instantly kill the opponents instantly, including hard heroes like tanks and fighters.
  • Attack speed & movement speed stealing. Skill 1 can steal movement and enemy attack speeds, this skill is certainly very useful for farming, cleaning the existing wave minions, and especially when the team is war.

Claude’s shortcomings:

  • Very weak in the early-mid game, Claude’s main weakness is that he relies heavily on build items to get the most out of the game. The ultimate skills are useless without passive skills item to give bonus damage. So don’t build up mistakes items when using this hero. This hero tends to slow down when farming because the skills (including skill 3) are not so significant until we buy at least 1 core item, so we will need a long time to level up.
  • Dependent on passive item skills. what makes this hero special is its ability to provide insistent basic attacks even though the damage is small so, we will rely more on damage assistance from passive skill items to be able to attack effectively.
  • Very vulnerable to CC. when we use ultimate skills, we have to try as many enemies around, but this can be a blunder if the position is not right like there are a CC hero (like Lesley or Layla ultimate), the worst scenario that will occur is that we will be stunned so that we cannot move and become an easy target for enemy long range heroes, so don’t just play in the middle of the enemy team while team fight.

Claude build items:

Claude Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Claude’s build is more or less the same as the Miya build item tips, we just focus on attack speed and physical damage as high as possible.
  • Claude’s main item core is Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff, so buy these 2 items first and the rest we can build physical damage and critical items.
  • Use the Deadly Blade item if there is a healer on the enemy and high life-steal.
  • The above items are built according to the most recommended, you can try various other build items that you think are better suited to your style of play, but according to me still the most important buy 2 core items above as soon as possible to maximize this hero as best as possible.
The most suitable spells for Claude are Inspire, Retribution, Aegis and Flicker.
  • Use Inspire to accelerate basic attack triggers and can also be combined with ultimate skills, this spell is the best and recommended for Claude.
  • Use Retribution to speed up and level up. remember, Claude is long enough for farming, this spell is very helpful in the phase early-mid game so we can buy core items as quickly as possible.
  • Use Flicker if you want to play it safe.
  • Use Aegis if opponents team use saber

For emblems, we can use Common Physical or Custom Marksman emblems.

Claude is very good at fighting the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • Balmond
  • Sun
  • Hilda
  • Alice
  • Rafaela
  • Estes

Claude is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All assassin heroes
  • Hanzo
  • Nana
  • Aurora
  • Vexana
  • Harley
  • Cyclops
  • Chang’e
  • Layla
  • Clint
  • Lesley

Claude Tips, Trick and Guide

  • Beware of enemy heroes who can provide crowd control and long-range attacks, before engaging and attacking with ultimate skills you should be careful with the 2 types of heroes above.
  • Focus farming at the beginning of the game until the first core item (Demon Hunter Sword) is bought, without this item Claude cannot provide significant damage even using the ult. Remember Demon Hunter Sword is Claude’s main core item, whatever build you use should buy this item for the first time.
  • If the second core item has become (Golden Staff) then we can start playing aggressively and push a tower, at this moment Claude has been able to give DPS damage and the ultimate skill combination (+ inspire) will be very deadly.
  • Use skill 2 to poking enemies from afar, can also be used to push towers and lure enemies while in defense, take advantage of the swap effect (swap place) skill 2 to fool enemies, especially during team fights where we as marksman are often the main target, with this skill we can take distance to play safer while still giving damage to the opposing team.
  • Keep playing safely and depend on the team, even though the ultrathin skill is like inviting our appetite to play barbaric (just 1 vs 5), but without the right calculation we will just die silly and easily snatched by the enemy team, if you want 1 opponent make sure our levels and item are much higher.