Clash Royale Good Decks For Arena 10

Clash Royale Good Decks For Arena 10 – Clash Royale is one of the best strategy games that are still popular nowadays.

This 2016 Game is still a lot of fans, so there are still many gamers who need tips to build the best decks to stay competitive in the top leaderboard. For friends who have had a long time playing this game, today Learneetnow will share the best deck tips and layout of Clash Royale Arena 10.

For the friends who have reached and are in this arena, let’s immediately Cobain deck. This deck consists of Mega Knight, Inferno Tower, Mini Pekka, Musketeer, Miners, Skeleton Barrel, Bats, and Zap with an average use of elixir of 3.8.

Clash Royale Good Decks For Arena 10 1

1. Mega Knight

This card plays the most important role to determine the victory in Clash Royale Arena 10. Mega Knight can be used as a method to defend or attack.

As much as possible use Mega Knight to do the counter because when you lose this card, he will give a big enough damage to kill troops from opponents.

2. Inferno Tower

Inferno will be very useful when you encounter Golem’s decks, Pekka, Mega Knight, Hog/Ram Rider & Baloon. Do not use this card as an outcast when your elixir is full, especially at the beginning of the game. Remove the Inferno Tower when necessary.

3. Mini PEKKA

We can use Mini PEKKA as an alternative to our attacks. When we kill the opponent card with Mega Knight, prepare Mini PEKKA in the opposite direction to make the enemy confused.

Its fast speed will make your opponents shocked and panicked. Also, this card can be used as an alternative to defending against ground attacks.

4. Musketeer

Musketeer is a card that may often be underestimated, but this is the favorite card learned now to survive. His fast and powerful attack will help us in the face of airstrikes and small group attacks (bats, minions, skeletons). Musketeer can also be used to support Mega Knight.

5. Miners

This card also plays an important role in attacking alternatives. You can combine the Miners with the Bats & Skeleton Barrel.

For Bats, make sure the order is precise, lower the Miners to the opponent’s tower followed by the Bats at the end. For the Skeleton Barrel, first lower the Skeleton Barrel followed by the Miners to the opponent’s tower.

The Miner’s function is to withstand the opponent’s tower attack and let the Bats/Skeleton Barrel hit with satisfaction. Miners can also be an option when your Elixir is full and doesn’t know what to issue (usually happens in the early seconds of the game begins).

The combination of Miners & Bats/Skeleton Barrel is one of your keys to winning the game in Clash Royale Arena 10

6. Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton Barrel is also an excellent alternative to attack when combined with Miners, the resulting damage is even bigger than the Mega Knight if left alone. These cards can also be used to defend against aerial attacks or long-distance attacks.

7. Zap

Zap plays a pretty important role to unleash your attacks and help your defenses. Indeed damage generated zap is not too big, not even enough to kill the Goblin & Minions. But if used appropriately, the ZAP can be quite effectively helping you avoid huge damage from opponents.

This is the best deck according to Learneetnow to be able to compete in arenas 10 and 11. How are friends? Pretty easy right?

The deck arrangement is quite decisive of your winnings during the battle, but the best decks alone are not enough, You should be able to understand the usability of each card on your deck and choose the right timing when using the card.

Good luck!

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