Tips and Tricks Clash Royale for Beginners (Initial Guide)

Tips and Tricks Clash Royale for Beginners (Initial Guide) – After success with the previous game Clash of Clan, Supercell again launched a new game with a real-time card battle theme. This game called Clash Royale is quite addictive for many players because it has a pretty interesting gameplay.
Tips and Tricks Clash Royale for Beginners (Initial Guide) 1
The main objective in the Clash Royale game is to destroy the enemy tower to win the match. There are three towers that must be maintained and must also be attacked during play.
There are still other things to consider when playing Clash Royale. We will give some tips and tricks for playing Clash Royale for beginners so you can continue to win when fighting enemies.

1. Gems to buy a chest

Getting free gems in Clash Royale is quite difficult. Gems can only be obtained when players open a free chest or crown chest. The gems in Clash Royale can be used to buy a chest.
The reason why using gems to buy chest is that they contain lots of gold and rare and epic cards that you can get as troops.
Some of the new Clash Royale players often waste gems to speed up the opening of chests, buy coins, speed up upgrades and other things. Though gems can be used for more useful things, such as buying a chest, be it Giant Chest, Magical Chest, or Super Magical Chest.

2. A combination of balanced land and air cards

In the Clash Royale game, there are cards that can attack the enemy by land only and some can attack the enemy in the air and land. Make sure the card you are using is balanced between air and ground forces.
If you are used to using ground forces only, you must change the habit. The reason is, you will be overwhelmed if the enemy attacks using air forces. In this game, there are enough deadly cards that can attack by air.

3. Card upgrade

Collecting cards and increasing card levels in Clash Royale games is another important thing to do. When the card is upgraded, blood and damage will increase. This will help you to win faster because of strong forces.
One other reason why upgrading cards are because when upgrading, players will get a certain amount of EXP. This EXP can be used to increase player levels.
Make sure you only upgrade cards that you use often. This is so that you don’t waste too much gold. If you have more gold, you can upgrade another card.

4. Don’t rush up the arena

One of the other tips and tricks for playing Clash Royale is not to rush to the next Arena. You need to know, the higher the arena, the more level your opponent will get. High-level opponents will certainly be difficult to beat because generally having a deck card combination is better than you.

5. Join the clan

If you have reached level 3, our advice should be to join a clan immediately. Benefits that you can get if you join a clan include:
  • You can play (sparring) with fellow clan members
  • Request ten common and one rare card every eight hours
  • Ask questions about strategy and much more

6. Complete achievement

Resolving achievement in the game Clash Royale is one way that can be done to get free gems. By completing many Achievements, you will get lots of gems without having to spend money. That way, you can upgrade and level up.

7. Don’t attack first

Because this is a strategy game with limited time and troops, each of your steps will be very meaningful and valuable. Try as much as possible to not attack the enemy first because it means your attack will be known and anticipated so that it has the potential to lose one valuable opportunity at the beginning.