Choose Standard Gacha or Focused Gacha? Honkai Impact 3D

On this day, I want to discuss a little about “Prefer Standard supply or Focused Gacha?“. I saw a lot of questions on Facebook Honkai Impact 3rd, about which one is better between standard supply or focused gacha.
So this time I tried to discuss this according to my experience playing the Honkai Impact 3rd game, hopefully it can inspire you.
In my opinion, if you already have Valkyrja that is already compatible with your Game Play and you are already skilled at combining combo-combos and QTE skills from valkyrja formations, you should prefer “Focused Gacha” to get weapons or stigma to support our valkyrja.
Choose Standard Gacha or Focused Gacha? Honkai Impact 3D 1
Why? from my experience, even though I have a lot of valkyrja that I got from standard Gacha. I still use the formation of the team that’s all because I have found my gameplay.
Until now I still use Valkyrja, Kiana, White and Comet as my main pawns. From this experience, I feel a little disappointed because I used Gacha standart more often than I chose Focused Gacha.
“My personal opinion, I think it is better to choose Focused Gacha to get a weapon or stigmata that is suitable for Valkyrja in order to further improve its performance.”
Okay, just for my discussion this time, I hope this article can be taken into consideration for you to choose the gacha that is suitable for you. I submit all the choices to your decision.