Chess Rush Tips and Tricks

Chess rush tips and tricks – Chess Rush is an Auto-Battler game released by Tencent. This game requires a special strategy because there are many things to consider when you compete with various opponents. Apart from that you also play in real-time and you need to be careful with your opponent.
For that tips and tricks from us will help you in mastering the game. Here are tips and tricks for playing Chess Rush.

Set formation

There is an endless formation that you can make, and it greatly influences the way your team faces opponents. Some are displayed in the game by going to Banner -> Recommended Lineup -> Recommended Formation.
There you can see the 5 formations offered in the game, but you can freely make your own formations. So, try yourself a formation that you think is reliable and endless.

Selling heroes that are no longer needed

When you no longer need a hero (a hero at the initial level), it’s better to just sell and get back the Mana Crystal that you have spent. By selling unneeded heroes, you can buy more new heroes or level up.
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Maximize the number of heroes

Currently, the maximum number of heroes you can have is 10. You cannot have 10 heroes at once in your team. By maximizing the number of heroes, this will put you ahead of opponents who have few heroes on their team.
Each level will require a lot of XP, so make sure you save Mana Crystal. 5 Where Crystal can add 5 XP.

Pair various heroes to make combos

When you pair heroes from various factions or classes, you will get additional stats. This will be displayed on the upper left side of the screen when you are in battle mode, and each time you are in the shop, you can see how much each you have at that time, and also you can upgrade it.
Heroes have different levels of scarcity, and each will increase when leveling up and gathering more heroes. so, you will not get orange heroes (legendary) at the first level, but later after being at a certain level.
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The easy way to get Mana Crystal

There are several easy ways to get Mana Crystal (a purple crystal that can be used to level up and buy heroes), namely:
  • Complete the stage (winning or losing doesn’t matter)
  • Get Mana Crystal by selling heroes
  • Get Mana Crystal Bonus for winning

Get extra Mana Bonus Chess Rush Tips

You can get an extra Mana Crystal bonus in this game, for example, you have 1-10 Mana Crystal, you can get 1 extra Mana Crystal.
So, if you have 11-20 Mana Crystals available to spend, you get 2 extra Mana Crystals, if you have 21-30, you get 3 extra Mana Crystals, and if you have 31-40, you will get 4 extra Mana Crystal.
You can see the amount of Mana Crystal you have in the upper right side of the screen. Next to it, you will see a purple “+ X” showing the amount of Mana Crystal that you get after passing the ongoing stage.

Complete missions and daily tasks  Chess rush Tips

Every day you will get new assignments and missions to complete. If you successfully complete it you will get Gold which is useful for customizing your board or character, but the price is quite expensive.
If you want more gold every day, you only need to complete all the tasks and also check Beginner Events, Events, Daily Login Rewards, and so on.

Play various game modes

You can practice in the game by playing various game modes, you can find it next to the “Play” button. There you can see the “Classic Mode” selected by default and you can see everything else at any time.
That’s the tips and tricks to play Chess Rush. Write a comment below if you know of other tips and tricks.

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