Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide)

Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 1
Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) – Chaugnar is a support hero who is a mage-tank type. The best builds, combos, tips, tricks, arcana,  skills and tutorials Chaugnar will be discussed here.

Chaugnar Skills

Passive skill: Void Cleanse, which is every time you issue surge energy he can eliminate the control effect, reduce the damage received by up to 10%. And increase the movement speed up to 20% for 2 seconds

1. Skill 1 (Energy Surge)

Energy Surge, which emits waves of water energy to produce magic damage, slow down enemies and activate passive skills above

2. Skill 2 (Shock Wave)

Shock Wave is Chaugnar stomping his body and giving magic damage to the enemies around him. After using the ultimate skill, it can stack several times.

3. Skill 3 (Ultimate Chaos)

Ultimate Chaos Protection namely Chaugnar removes all useful effect controls for friends around him, gives friends protection and this skill also increases movement speed for friends around him and himself too.
After using the ultimate, skill 2 cooldown will be accelerated and stacked several times.

Chaugnar Combo Skill

1. When attacking

Use skill 1 to open a war, when the opponent’s movement is slowed forward to the middle of the opponent, then use ultimate when the enemy issues his skills don’t forget to press continue to take skill 2 to end the opponent using execute talent and use skill 1 to escape from your opponent and speed up movement speed.

2. When backing down

Use the ultimate skill to save yourself and friends from your opponent, press and hold skill 2 and end skill 1 to speed up movement speed and slow down your opponent’s movements.

There are two ways to play Chaugnar, he can act as a tank support or become damager (mage).

Arcana and Build Recommendation

1. Arcana: If You Want Chaugnar Become Tank or Observer

Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 2
Chaugnar Arcana
Don’t focus too much on collecting arcana like I suggest above, you can combine with other arcana as long as it is appropriate, i.e. arcana magic or cellphone.

2. Chaugnar Best Build if Become Tank or Observer

Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 3
The first item recommendation you can buy is because it is limited to gold, that is:
  • Phoenix tier, the item must be purchased for mana regeneration and HP and selling this item if it has reached level 15, can replace it with another item
  • Shoes use Sonic Boot because it feels more suitable because of the anti-stun elephant with the skill
  • For item number 3, you can upgrade to The Aegis
  • Asterion buckler is a mandatory item for the observer because its function adds damage to the closest friend
  • Items number 5 and 6 can match your opponents. 

3. Arcana: If You Want Chaugnar Become Full Damage

That means you are a mage in your team, just make sure your mage friend if there is another mage in your team you are better to be tank.
Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 4
Make sure you buy arcana magic, you can sample the magic arcana. I suggest so that the damage increases and can easily repulse the enemy and even defeat it.

4. Recommendation Mage Item

Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 5
Chaugnar Best Build, Combo, Arcana, Tips and Trick Arena Of Valor (Guide) 6
For core items from Chaugnar are magic ring items, the aegis and blue for others, you can match with your opponents playing. Actually, for arcana and Chaugnar items, it’s very flexible, don’t stick to the above arcana.
I only recommend it, you can improvise yourself as long as it is in accordance with the Chaugnar type, tanks, and mage.

Tips / Gameplay Chaugnar as an Observer

  • Buy Phoenix tier items first, why not shoes? Because of its excellent function of regaining HP and Mana when leveling up.
  • Don’t be afraid to check enemy forest, and disturb enemy jungle
  • Use skill 1 to check the bushes and run away using the passive
  • Open a war with skill 1, when the enemy issues his skills, you use the ultimate skill and repeatedly press skill 2
  • After you open the war and throw all the skills, back off use skill 2 or skill 1. Friend don’t be too thirsty for blood, remember you are an observer and surely the first cellphone is low
  • Don’t use ultimate only to escape from a little enemy attack, if your cell phone is still full, just use skill 1.
  • Do not be stingy, discarding skill in protecting the jungle in your team, especially the jungle archer

Tips Chaugnar as a Laner

  • Make sure to buy the first phoenix tier item for 600 gold because the function is very important, namely each level of Chaugnar rises, HP and mana experience regeneration, so you don’t need to recall at the beginning of the game because at the beginning the game levels up very quickly.
  • Use skill 1 for creeps and opponents simultaneously, then spend creeps using skill 2 or
  • If the enemy hasn’t seen creeps by using skill 2, as soon as the opponent approaches, use skill 1 to clear and slow down the opponent’s movements.
  • If you are in the upper or lower lane, make sure not to advance in the first 2 minutes, because that is the crucial time, progressing a little can be in the opponent’s gank and fatal
  • Don’t forget to help your friends in the middle if your creep has advanced, check Abyssal Dragon and keep an eye on the forest not to be missed by your opponent
  • If you keep the mid lane after cleaning the creep, see the map to help one of the towers.
  • Use the ultimate skill at the right time, that is when your friends are exposed to the control of the opponent’s effects, for example when our friends are exposed to skills or ultimate opponents that can cause fatal because they are stuck
  • After using the ultimate, don’t forget you keep on pushing the 2 Chaugnar skills, because the speed canown can even counter your opponent’s counter-attack.
  • Don’t be afraid to open a war, aim for a soft enemy hero, for example, your opponent’s mage or mage first and use execute to kill your opponent
  •  because it is very useful to run away from your opponent when pressed.