Cecilion Best Build, Tips, Trick, Emblem and Spell (Guide)

Cecilion Best Build, Tips, Trick, Emblem and Spell (Guide) – In this article, we will learn how to use Cecilion properly. Cecilion is a couple with Carmilla.

Cecilion will get special skills when there is Carmilla in one team, this special skill will make Carmilla enter Cecilion’s body and provide a buff and Carmilla can come ou to launch an attack.

The main characteristic of this hero is can inflict damage area (AOE) continuously and massively so that it is suitable to be combined with the ultimate skill Carmilla which can deal collateral damage.

Without much ado following complete tutorial how to play Cecilion starts from the strengths and weaknesses of this hero.

Cecilion Mobile Legends

Cecilion Advantages

  • Burst damage AOE, all Cecilion skills in the form of damage area (AOE) and even more OP skill 1 we can spam many times (as long as there are still) so that he can inflict mass damage during teamfight / team war.
  • Good to poke enemy, Cecilion attack has a radius that is quite ideal as a mage, he can provide damage skills from a distance so that it is safe from enemy range but the potential for miss / miss is also quite high.
  • Late game mage, usually a mage tends to dominate at the end of the game, but Cecilion is a late game hero because his damage skill scales up to the maximum which he has, so he can kill an enemy hero with one (one shot kill) or twice attack on late moments.
  • Easy to use, how to use this hero is simple, the important positioning when launching a skill (especially skill 1) must be right so that damage becomes maximum, then make it a habit to learn to predict where the enemy will move so that the skill accuracy is better.


Cecilion Disadvantages

  • The biggest disadvantage of this hero is need a lot ot mana, especially when launching skill 1 continuously, so you have to look at which conditions and make sure we are sufficient when engaged in battle.
  • Does not have good escape skills, even though he has the skill to increase movement speed for a moment but he does not have escape skill to avoid sudden attacks, so it will be very difficult to escape when hit by crowd control or caught in the opponent’s gang.
  • Highly dependent on the team, because Cecilion is a long-range combat mage, there must be a back up to guard him during the battle so that the enemy does not come close and attack him because the weaknesses of skill 1 and 2 Cecilion is this skill is not effective in close combat / close combat, so you should play safe and rely on teamwork to provide opportunities to attack from a safe distance.


Cecilion Best Build

Cecilion Best Build

  • We are obliged to use Demon Shoes items to regenerate, and if we still don’t add Enchanted Talisman, it would be better if we could get a blue buff. This buff is more important to be taken by the hero assassin.
  • The first build line focuses on burst damage. The Clock of Destiny item will accumulate the max amount. It more painful in mid-late games, though we will often run out of mana (because without Enchanted Talisman), the possibility we kill enemies with 1 or 2 attacks will be even higher in late games, so we don’t need too much spam skill 1.
  • The second line builds focus more on mana stability & cooldown reduction, so even though the damage isn’t as maximal as the first build, we can spam skills more often throughout the game because which regen is very fast and the CDR is higher.


The most suitable battle spell for Cecilion is Flicker or Sprint.

  • Use Flicker as extra mobility, especially to escape when it’s critical, or you can also use Sprint. Alternatively, if we have a good team or tank that can cover well, we can use Flameshot. This spell is very useful as long-distance finishing and can trigger the Lightning Truncheon effect so that the damage is not playing around.


For emblem we can use Mage Emblem.


Cecilion is OP to fight the following heroes


Cecilion is quite weak against the following heroes

  • All assassin heroes
  • Jawhead
  • Chou
  • Kaja
  • Aldous
  • Guinevere
  • Silvanna
  • Harley
  • Harith

Cecilion Guide: Tips and Trick

  • How to play Cecilion is more or less similar to the way Gord gameplay. Both are both mage burst damage AOE and have limitations in mobility so we must often take cover behind the team and provide damage from a safe distance.
  • At the beginning of the game, you should not be too aggressive because Cecilion damage only starts to be felt when we buy Lightning Truncheon items, so play defensively until two core items are purchased. We can play more offensively by continuing to disrupt and repay enemy HP with skill 1.
  • Use skill 1 only as needed. Using skill 1 is wasteful. If you feel you don’t need to launch additional attacks, you can hold this skill and save it for more critical conditions such as war/push tower.
  • Skill 2 has the effect of slow and immobilize and position the enemy at the ideal attack distance for skill 1 so the chance of hit the enemy will be higher if the enemy is hit by skill 2 first and then followed by skill 1. Sometimes in practice, it is much more useful to attack directly with skill 1. Skill 2 will be more useful when we want to attack multiple heroes at once, so use skill 2 as a set up to bring the opposing heroes into the sweet spot skill 1.
  • Ultimate skill had a higher life steal effect when our blood was drop. Ideally, use skill 3 when being critical when being chased by the opposing team, and the distance is close enough so while running away we can provide damage + healing to increase the chances of survival. Remember that use ultimate skill anytime if we need extra cost.

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