Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile – A glimpse of the best PUBG mobile weapons. If you like survival genre games, you must play the PUBG Mobile battle royale survival game.
This one game is similar to the one on the PC version and also the Xbox and can now be played on an Android smartphone. This PUBG Mobile game comes with a concept so that players try to survive in the game and try to be the last survivor.
You also have to choose the best PUBG Mobile weapon to reduce the battlefield in this game. To launch all the actions and vision of the mission in the PUBG Mobile game, various complementary weapons can be enjoyed starting from a gun, shotgun, submachine gun, and many more.
But you can’t use the equipment because there are tips and tricks to use it. Here are the best PUBG Mobile weapons that gamers must pocket!

1. P92 – Pistol

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 1
If you are playing PUBG Mobile games, you will find a weapon called P92 – Pistol. This tool is the first weapon that is easy to find especially when you’re landing from an airplane in a game. Although it is not recommended to be used until the end of the match, the gun becomes the best weapon in the PUBG Mobile game to survive at the beginning of the game.
P92 – The gun can also be said to be the main choice weapon with damage on average which is also equipped with high speed and power. But even so, you must replace the gun using a better weapon if you find it.

2. S1897 – Shotgun

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 2
Shotgun is a weapon that can provide greater damage in carrying out a melee attack. Weapon Shotguns are designed to be able to fire shells containing small balls that have been able to provide a widespread attack in the end.
a shotgun is suitable for short range distances. do not use this weapon if the enemy is far away because it will be in vain.
I myself stood shouting that the number of players was already small and the safe zone had shrunk. So use a rifle weapon or submachine at the start of the match

3. UMP9 – Submachine Gun

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 3
Submachine Gun is a weapon that is equipped with relatively small size and weight. Even so, the device that comes in a range of near to medium shots will have a high fire rate with the amount of ammunition that can even exceed the rifle level in the end.
In this type, you are recommended to use a UMP9 which will have decent damage and also support high fire rates. Even so in the PUBG Mobile game itself, this weapon is still classified as a weapon that is difficult to find until now.

4. M16A4 – Assault Rifle

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 4
Assault Rifle is a mandatory weapon for customization and you must bring it to the end of the match. This weapon itself is also a weapon known as a large magazine capacity with a high degree of accuracy.
why do I suggest M16A4 than M416? because the accuracy control of M16A4 at the time of shot is better than m416.
when shooting using m416, the control and accuracy of this weapon will rise automatically upwards. if M16A4 control and accuracy will be right on the target we have set.

5. SKS weapons – Sniper Rifle

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 5
 Sniper Rifle is the ultimate tool that can take you to the era of victory. The Sniper Rifle comes with a range of farthest attacks that are also equipped together with a large damage to be able to finish off the enemy in just an instant.

7. Pan – Melee

Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 6
Even though Melee is rarely used, but Melee is not an understatement. In the melee type, it is recommended that you take the pan when you are looting.
In addition, later you can kill your opponent in knocked conditions without the need for weapons ammunition, but Pan can also increase your armor to deal with attacks originating from behind.
Those are the best types of PUBG Mobile weapons that you must have. According to you, which weapon is the best and greatest in the PUBG game? 😀