Best Tank Mobile Legends 2020

Best Tank Mobile Legends 2020 – Tanks and support is a very important role in mobile legends. The role of Tanks and Support is to keep the tempo of the game so that their teams profit. Who is included in March 2020?

In March 2020, it is actually somewhat difficult to determine 5 tanks or only mobile legends support. In addition, the new heroes in attendance are quite powerful tanks. But who is on the list?

1. Carmilla

Best Tank Mobile Legends 2020 1
Here’s one of the newest heroes in Mobile legends. Carmilla is a support hero that is quite unique because it relies on lifesteal and also a strong CC for survival. In addition, it also has quite high mobility.

Carmilla has the skills to survive by relying on Lifesteal and also strong CC with the skills of blood curse and bloodshed. The blood curse can also move other debuffs to the person exposed to the mark so that they become support and hybrid tanks.

2 Franco

Best Tank Mobile Legends 2020 2
Speaking of initiation and also the ability to isolate a hero, Franco of course enters the conversation. The ability to kidnap a hero uses Iron Hook so it’s easy to follow is one of the key wins of a team using Franco.

In addition, he also managed to be one of the tanks with the biggest HP also looks pretty good. Fury Shock will give a slow effect to the enemy and bloody hunt locks fully the enemy movement!

3. Kaja

Best Tank Mobile Legends 2020 3
Having a similar function to Franco, Kaja is the expert in isolating the enemy and bringing the unit to a position that is easily eliminated by its peers. In addition, Kaja also has the flexibility to be put in a different march.

All the capabilities of the Kaja have synergy with each other. The Ring of Order will provide damage and slow down so that it can be more easily captured by the divine judgment. In fact, the Lightning bomb can follow divine judgment or even initiation!

4. Khufra

Best Tank Mobile Legends 2020 4
Khufra is still one of the customers in the ranks and also the highest mobile Legends league in Indonesia, MPL season 5. The ability to destroy 1 team with dangerous mass control will keep its strongest.

Tyklang’s Revenge and Bouncing Ball are two very powerful unultimate skills. Both are dangerous initiation combinations and will continue to haunt the core of the enemy being isolated from unreasonable distances.

5. Hylos

Best Tank Mobile Legends 2020 5
Hylos is one tank with the largest HP as well as the best defense in its mobile legends. A good user of Hylos will be one of the factors that can protect one team and also the inconvenience of the enemy.

Law and order is the main weapon of Hylos to be sent Serum and also CC. Hylos is also capable of protecting friends and also making enemies slow down while using the Glorious Pathway.

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