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Best Hero in Mobile Legends Adventure – Maybe you as a Mobile Legends: Adventure player is wondering who is the best hero in the game. Or you want to see a complete tier list on Mobile Legends: Adventure so you can choose which hero you want to upgrade first.
The following is a list of the best tiers and heroes according to their respective skills in Mobile Legends: Adventure. The following is a list and explanation.
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This hero is at the top of the list of the best heroes because he is very strong in terms of damage, and has a pretty good defense.
He can easily take the backline of battle, wherever the target is, because of the Puncture skill that allows him to move quickly to the backline and be able to deal with a lot of damage.
He has AoE skills and passive skills (which open at level 81) that destroy enemy defenses and make them more useful in combat.
  • Class: Assassin
  • Specialty: Charge


Estes is one of the best supports, he can encourage his teammates and heal them too, which makes it one of the best assets of a team.
However, because the damage output is not extraordinary, it cannot be considered the best in terms of damage, but when you want good support, you can definitely count on it.
His ability in terms of support will make your team invincible if used correctly, because once you can unlock his passive skill “Code of Moon Elf”, every time he is connected with his partner, he will increase their strength by quite a lot.
  • Class: Support
  • Specialty: Heal


Gatotkaca is the best tank in the game, it has high crowd control and its skills enable it to deal with AoE damage which is also quite high.
When you combine high damage with his tankiness, he will be very feared in battle, because you also have Estes with him for support, healing, and defense, you will definitely win all battles.
When you pair high damage with his tankiness, he will become very scared on the battlefield, because if you also have Estes with him to support, heal and defend, you will definitely win all battles.
  • Class: Tank
  • Specialty: Crowd Control, Charge


Just like Lancelot, Clint can deal with damage that can reduce many enemy health bars and drop them in seconds.
His high reach will make him quite safe because he will be in the backline. However, if the enemy can jump to the rear line, it can be a small problem (because the defense is not good).
Clint will be very good when together with a strong tank on the front lines because the damage output is extraordinary, but because of that he is somewhat lacking in terms of defense. Interestingly, he can also stun the target for a few seconds, because his Heel Rope will deal massive damage and provide crowd control.
  • Class: Marksman
  • Specialty: Burst


Alice is a good hero-in dealing with AoE damage, and she can defend herself. If you don’t have a healer yet, Alice is great to be on your team because she can heal herself.
His Blood Eulogy skill allows him to deal with damage and heal himself at the same time, which when combined with Magic Lineage makes him an annoying enemy because he can continue healing.
  • Class: Mage
  • Specialty: Regen, Damage
The list of heroes above can be the best hero in Mobile Legends: Adventure. Next, you can see a complete tier list of Mobile Legends: Adventure so that it can give you an idea of ​​which hero you should focus on to upgrade first.

Best Support in Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • S Tier: Estes
  • A Tier: Angela
  • B Tier: Rafaela
  • C Tier: Kaja

Best Tank in Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • S Tier: Gatotkaca
  • A Tier: Hylos, Grock, Akai
  • B Tier: Lolita, Tigreal
  • C Tier: Franco, Balamond

Best Mage in Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • S Tier: Alice, Chang’e
  • A Tier: Aurora, Valir, Harley, Odette
  • B Tier: Gord, Eudora
  • C Tier: Cyclops

The Best Assassin in Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • S Tier: Lancelot
  • A Tier: Saber
  • B Tier: Karina 
  • C Tier: Helcurt

Best Marksman on Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • S Tier: Clint
  • A Tier: Karrie, Moskov, Bruno
  • B Tier: Yi Sun-Shin, Miya
  • C Tier: Layla

The Best Fighter in Mobile Legends:Adventure

  • S Tier: Argus, Zilong
  • A Tier: Lapu-Lapu, Alucard
  • B Tier: Jawhead
  • C Tier: Aldous, Bane
Usually, a good team must consist of 5 good heroes too, each fulfilling a certain role. Some teams can have several types of the same hero (for example 2 tanks and not one), as long as they still have enough damage to face the enemy.
The ideal team composition is 1 Tank, 1 Support, 2 Damage dealers and 1 Crowd control. One of the easy resonance bonuses you get is Fuse Resonance which requires that one of each class be present in your team.
That’s the best hero list and tier list in Mobile Legends: Adventure. Which is your favorite hero? write a comment below.

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