5 Best Hero Counter For Atlas Mobile Legends

best hero counter for atlas

5 Best Hero Counter For Atlas Mobile Legends – In the latest 1.4.60 Mobile Legends patch update, Moonton presents a new Hero named Atlas. The tank type hero has crowd control capabilities and very fearsome battle initiation. The durability is also somewhat special when compared to other Hero Tanks.

With deadly skill effects, Atlas is now one of a Tank that is often the mainstay in battle. For this reason, in this paper, we will provide some Hero Counter recommendations to reduce the power of Atlas.

For the record, the Hero Counter recommendations are based on his ability to thwart and avoid Atlas skills. So, to get to the point, consider the following description!



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As a Fighter, Chou is a Hero who is often the mainstay initiator. The hero who masters the Kung Fu Does martial arts has crowd control (CC) and anti-debuff abilities.

Chou’s CC has the knock-up type of skill 1, which is usually used to initiate and lock enemies. On the other hand, the anti-debuff ability of skill 2 allows it to be able to withstand attacks and CC that are pointing at him. So, he can ward off incoming attacks quite easily.

Chou’s CC and debuff abilities can be very useful for conquering Atlas. Because he can cancel the robot’s ultimate skill with the ability to knock up. In addition, Chou can also avoid skill 1 or ultimate from Atlas by using Shunpo. With proper execution, Atlas is guaranteed to be very difficult to lock in the movements and attacks of Chou.



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Lancelot is an Assassin with a very high level of damage. For the current patch, Lancelot gets additional bonus damage from the passive skill – Soul Cutter. Additional damage will be obtained each time Lancelot dash. With the addition of 10% -30% damage, Lancelot can knock out enemy HP very quickly.

In the fight against Atlas, Lancelot has two advantages, high damage and the ability to ward off disable. High damage obtained from the stack – Soul Cutter can be combined with penetration items to knock down the armor that the Hero Tank has. In addition, skill – Puncture can make it easier for Lancelot to avoid the ultimate Atlas skill.

One more thing that you should not forget is the ability of immune to skill 2. This ability certainly makes Lancelot able to avoid locking Ulti Atlas. You can also combine it with skill 1 to avoid your opponent.



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Currently, Khufra is one of the popular Hero Tanks used. As one of the meta heroes, Khufra has very high defense and mobility abilities. In addition to being “thick” and nimble, the tyrant king is also known for his complete disable capabilities. Khufra can provide knock back, knock up, and even slow effects to the enemy.

As a Tank, Khufra is far stronger than other heroes in his class. Because Khufra has a row of skills that can easily thwart the execution of Atlas skills. Particularly skill 1 that can frustrate the ultimate of the original Hero is the Kraken from afar.

You need to know, the Ulti Atlas skill can be thwarted when you’re channelling (before kickback). The requirement is there must have a Hero who can give it a knock-up or suppress effect. In addition to the two disable effects that do not apply, yes. Reflecting on these conditions, Khufra can easily anticipate the robot in battle because it has a knock-up effect on his skill 1.



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Pharsa is a Mage with a level of Burst Damage with a very large area. The hero that is said to come from the Askati Forest is also known as a disabling effect that sucks after getting revamped at the start of Season 15.

In addition, Pharsa was feared for being able to finish off the enemy without having to approach. With a relatively short duration of skill delay, Pharsa can continuously beat enemies easily. Moreover, she can also escape with his fourth skill.

In dealing with Atlas, Pharsa is clearly seeded because it has rarely been attacked far enough. Pharsa can maintain a safe distance during combat. In addition, the Ultimate skill – Wings by Wings skill can be a mainstay skill to deal great damage when Atlas is channelling for his ultimate skill.



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Karrie is a very effective anti-tank Marksman. Because she can do very large damage in a very short period of time. Armed with a high level of DPS, the Hero from the Kingdom of Alaghat could become one of the effective counters of Atlas.

In the face of Atlas, Karrie has only one choice, attack and damage as much as possible. Armed with his passive ability, Karrie can deal with enormous True Damage.

The only chance for Atlas to survive is a skill – Perfect Match that can reduce damage from enemies. In addition, Karrie can also use the Phantom Step skill to avoid the Ulti Atlas skill with the note that it must be precisely activated before channelling.

In dealing with Atlas, you will also need the right game execution. In addition, the attack can also be anticipated by taking into account the timing and combos that are commonly used. When the initiation of Atlas can be anticipated, you can have the opportunity to conquer it very easily.

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