Beast Guide Auto Chess: Combo, Units, Gameplay

beast guide auto chess

Beast Guide Auto Chess: Combo, Unit, Gameplay – Beast is one of the Auto Chess combos that you might never consider but accidentally formed. This combo is actually quite useful to help your lineup produce greater damage.

In this article, we will explain the strength of this combo and how to shape it effectively in the game.


Combo effect

Beast combo effect is very simple, which adds regular attack damage to all units you have. This effect does not only apply to units you install, but also the minions that you emerge from abilities like Plague Ward from Poisonous Worm or Razorclaw’s Spirit Bear.

Because of this effect, Beast combos are clearly the most effective use in a lineup that has a lot of summoned minions. Luckily half of the Beast units have abilities like that. But if not, the Beast combo is also effective for lineups that rely on physical attacks such as the Glacier or Assassin lineup.

  • 2 Beast: All units get a bonus of 10% attack damage, including summoned minions
  • 4 Beast: All units get a bonus of 30% attack damage, including summoned minions
  • 6 Beast: All units get a 55% attack damage bonus, including summoned minions

List of Units

list of unit beast auto chess

So far Auto Chess only has six Beast units. So if you want to activate the six Beast combo effect, you must get all the units below.

  • Tusk Champion (1 Gold): One of the cheapest but fairly solid Beast units. Besides being quite tough because it bears the Warrior tag, it also has pretty good damage output for cheap Warrior units.
  • Unicorn (1 Gold): Of all Beast units, I think Unicorns are the weakest for combat. His slow and weak attacks made it very difficult to activate his abilities.
  • Lord of Sand (3 Gold): The only Beast with an Assassin tag. But it is quite useful because it has a very strong disable AoE.
  • Poisonous Worm (3 Gold): Beast that is strong enough and one of the most utilizing Beast combos because of its abilities. But to be effective he needs which items are enough.
  • Werewolf (3 Gold): Another Beast that really utilizes the Beast combo effect. But unlike Worm, he is strong enough to stand alone because it bears the Warrior tag.
  • Razorclaw (4 Gold): The most powerful and very effective beast in almost any lineup. Even without any combos he is used quite often thanks to his stats and abilities.

Complementary Unit

beast complementary unit auto chess

Because of its effect, Beast is usually used as a complementary synergy and rarely used as the main synergy. But because it has a very broad tag / class distribution, this Beast combo can be included in many lineups.

With just two warriors, you can get a combo of two beasts. From there, you have plenty of room to activate the Four Beast combo.

For example, by entering only Poisonous Worm and Razorclaw, you can already play combos. Then add one more Warrior unit, and you can get a Warrior triple combo. If the third Warrior is Berserker, you can activate the Glacier plus Warlock combo from Desperate Doctor. With additional lifesteal, attack damage, and attack speed, you should have a very deadly lineup if you can shape it quickly.

  • Tusk Champion
  • Werewolf
  • Berserker
  • Poisonous Worm
  • Razorclaw
  • Defector
  • Desperate Doctor
  • Fortune Teller

beast complementary unit 2 auto chess

Beyond that, you can always combine the Tusk Champion, Werewolf, Poisonous Worm and Razorclaw combos with other synergies that only need three units. Hunter, for example, could be a good choice because it benefits from the bonus damage from the Beast combo.

Alternatively, with Tusk Champion, Werewolf, Razorclaw, and Lord of Sand you can also activate a four-Beast combo. Because you already use the Lord of Sand, you have the option to play a combo of three or even six Assassins.

  • Tusk Champion
  • Werewolf
  • Pirate Captain
  • Warpwood Sage
  • Razorclaw
  • Lord of Sand
  • Shadow Crawler
  • Shining Assassin

You have very many choices for using Beast combos. But you should never use a six Beast combo.



beast gameplay auto chess

Because this combo is complementary, don’t play with the Beast as the main combo. It’s another form of combo like playing as usual. If you open the game with Tusk Champion, you have opened options for the Beast combo. If you can get a Unicorn upgrade quickly, you can open the beginning of the game with two Beasts. But over time you might need to replace it with a stronger unit.

If while playing you get a Werewolf and Poisonous Worm / Lord of Sand and can install it, you have a chance to play a four Beast combo. If you get both and still play Unicorns, you can consider playing the four Beast combo right away. Then if you get a Razorclaw, you can replace Unicorn for a better lineup.

In the end, we felt that activating the Four Beast combo was not difficult. But one thing you must always remember is that if you want to play Beast combos, you have to make sure you have another unit or combo that acts as a damage dealer. Because in the end if you don’t have a unit to produce damage, this combo effect won’t work.

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