Argus Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Argus Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Argus is one of the heroes who caused a lot of controversy at the beginning of his appearance, because at that time many players who felt Argus was too OP and needed to be completely killed (at that time the duration could be up to 7 seconds and the cooldown was also shorter).
Argus Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1
The main reason Argus is starting to be forgotten is because this hero is actually not as strong as we imagined at the beginning of the release, the way to deal with this hero is very easy, which is simply to keep a safe distance when he exits or enters the ultimate mode and after that Argus is just like an ordinary fighter in generally. Argus Best Build
I don’t recommend using this hero in Epic tiers above because there are already many players who know how to handle it, while this hero will be very OP for newbie and low rank because they will usually keep hitting Argus even though he is using ultimate skills. Argus Best Build

Argus Advantages

  • Easy to master, Argus gameplay is very simple, just like Zilong and Alucard, but what we need to pay attention to is the right timing to attack in the battle.
  • Immortal ability, Argus skill 3 is the only ability that makes it special because he cannot die for a few seconds, this skill is very good to use when the war 5 vs 5 and also push the tower.
  • Burst damage is high, although it only relies on basic attacks in attack it has a DPS that is quite high as Zilong, and he also has a passive skill in the form of double attack and the faster it triggers if the blood is getting less.
  • Very OP in low rank tier, because players who are new or low rank do not know how to counter Argus, then we can dominate the game easily using this hero, especially at the GM tier or down (Warrior – Elite – Master), usually when it’s Epic and above This hero is not very effective in the game.

Argus Disadvantage

  • Very easy to overcome, Argus ultimate skill is very great but unfortunately this skill is also very easy to avoid, because Argus attacks are close range then we just need to run away for a while until our ultimate is finished again, Argus’s skill 1 and skill 2 do have an effect good chase (chasing) but unfortunately this skill does not auto-aim / lock (must be directed and easy to miss).
  • Very vulnerable CC, the most annoying when playing Argus is when we have entered the ultimate mode and are ready to beat up all the opponents, we are even stunned completely and can not move until the duration of the health runs out, besides that there are also moments when we are already dead before you can get rid of the ultimate skill becomes useless. Luckily, this skill 3 can still be activated even if you are being hit by crowd control.
  • Less effective on high rank, as has been said before, players in Epic tier – Legend – Mythic already know how to deal with Argus in the game, so I don’t think it’s very good to use this hero for draft pick (ranked mode) mode after we reach GM / Epic rank.

Argus Best Build

Argus Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Argus build items are more or less the same as Zilong’s build, they both rely on basic attacks and require attack speed + movement speed to maximize their skills.
  • Focus on attack speed so that we can trigger Passive (double basic attack) skill, then movement speed is also needed to chase enemies who try to escape because the enemy will run when we enter ultimate mode, then a little extra movement is also needed so we can chase opponents who try to escape.
  • The first line build item is more focused on attack speed, this is a build that is ideal for a variety of situations and is highly recommended for beginners.
  • The second build line focuses more on movement speed, Rapid Boots provide faster movement than other boots, then Hunter Strike has a passive effect which also increases movement speed 30% shortly after 5 consecutive attacks, and Windtalker also gives bonuses move speed, so this build is suitable for chasing enemies who like to play blurry against Argus.
The battle spells most suitable for Argus are Retribution and Inspire.
  • Use Retribution if you want to fast and level up, use this spell if your priority is farming in the early game.
  • Use Inspire because this spell is great for triggering passive skills even faster, this spell will be very useful in mid-late games even though we won’t be able to farm as fast as using Retribution at the beginning of the game.

For emblems, we can use Physical or Fighter emblems.

Argus is very good against these heroes

  • All hero fighter (as long as they don’t know how to counter Argus’s ultimate)
  • Lancelot
  • Helcurt
  • Eudora
  • Gord
  • Vexana
  • Layla
  • Karrie

Argus is quite weak against the following heroes

  • Natalia
  • Karina
  • Akai
  • fran
  • Ruby
  • Kagura
  • Aurora
  • Harley
  • Nana

When is the right time to use the ultimate?

Many players play this hero randomly because they have ultimate skills and feel that they are invulnerable, even if we just engage without thinking that there is only a deposit in the enemy team, even though we have immortal skills does not mean we can’t be caught dead, a smart enemy will stall for a moment and once the ultimate skill duration runs out we will soon become weak.
Save the ultimate skill for moments that are inevitable (moments that cannot be avoided), for example, like when being pushed turret and war, because like it or not the enemy team must continue to attack in such conditions.
One example is when we are attacking an opponent’s tower as follows:
Argus Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 3
The problem that I often see in new players is that they actually use ultimate skill for 1 against many recklessly (playing odd jobs), the cooldown of Argus ultimate skill is very long even the longest one, so don’t waste it just to show off.
Keep play safe like a normal fighter like the way we play Alucard, stay alert to the opponent’s CC skills and avoid team fight if there are no tanks, wait for the tanker to engage before we come backing up.

Argus Tips, Tricks and Guide

  • Take advantage of skill 1 to escape and chase enemies who are trying to escape, while chasing (try to hit the enemy with skill 1) so that the opponent’s movement stops for a moment, then we can use a follow-up skill (tap skill 1 again) to attack and get closer distance.
  • Use skill 2 on opponents who are trying to run away from Argus, this skill is indeed intended to target vulnerable heroes and scoop them quickly. Use this skill on soft heroes such as marksman and mage, don’t waste this skill on attacking the opposing team’s tankers because it is useless (unless the opposing tank is dying and trying to escape).
  • We recommend using the hero lock mode on so that when war team doesn’t hit unwanted targets.
  • Remember do not just carelessly use the ultimate skill, wait for the right moment, usually the most fitting moment is when being pushed tower, especially when there is a lord, then try to do as much damage as the Argus in the ultimate mode is very high.
  • Keep playing safe as a fighter in general, don’t play this hero like an assassin who can attack solo / alone because Argus also doesn’t have such good escape skills, keep working with the team and don’t become a one-man show using this hero.