Angela Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Angela Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – In this hero tutorial we will learn how to play using hero role support in general, the support hero I discussed here is pure full support hero like Rafaela, Estes, Diggie, and here I will discuss one example, Angela.
Support heroes are less popular than other hero roles such as assassin/mage, naturally because hero support will be more dependent on the team. Besides that, the existing support heroes are still lacking in OP, examples such as Rafaela and Estes are very easy to be counted using the Deadly Blade / Necklace of Durance items (50% reduce healing). Angela Best Build
Support heroes that are still pretty good are used for ranked mode according to my personal is Diggie and Angela, but keeping teamwork is the most important regardless of what support hero we use. Angela Best Build
The hero support gameplay is almost the same as a tank but the difference is we are behind (not in front), so our main task is to back up the team from behind, helping to control the situation especially when team fight uses the existing skill effects (crowd control).
Angela Bes Build

Angela Best Build

  1. Enchanted Talisman ( First item )
  2. Magic Shoes ( second item)
  3. The Necklace of Durance item (third item)
  4. The Ice Queen Wand item (fourth item)
  5. Blood Wings ( fifth item )
  6. The last item (Immortality)
  7. Based on my experience, defense items have little effect on support heroes
  8. The build item above is not a 100% benchmark for support
We also have to budge to not take a buff / jungle because it is far more important to be taken by other heroes, besides that we also cannot excuse because support heroes are more designed to get assists (helping friends get a kill) so if you are the type who wants to kill your opponent you should use assassins don’t play support. To maximize the role of support in the game, we need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the support hero, we take the following example, Angela Best Build
Angela best build

Angela’s strengths:

  • Versatile Hero, the main advantage of Angela compared to other support heroes is that it has many versatile supportive abilities, such as restoring friend’s HP (heal), giving magic damage, giving slow effects, increasing movement speed, giving shields, stopping enemy movements (immobilized) and the most useful can come directly to help friends wherever she is in one folder.
  • High damage magic, usually support heroes don’t have magic attacks as high as mage heroes, but if we can launch a skill combination 1 and 2 correctly (stack skill 1 as much as 5x + skill 2), then the final damage can be as great as skill hero mage in general.
  • Very good to Help team in Gank, The ultimate skill Angela we can come directly to help friends in any map area and give an amount advantage on the lane, especially we can enter into a friend’s body and cannot be attacked so that our team does not need to bother to protect/cover us from enemy attacks.
  • Full map support skill, skill 3 Angela has many functions besides helping friends who are in trouble, we can also use this skill to escape and quickly move lane when friends are push / def tower in other areas, so another alternative is this ultimate skill we can use it like battle spell Teleport / Arrival. 

Angela’s shortcomings:

  • Dependent on the team, any kind of hero support is useless if the team cannot take advantage of the situation, because it is very rare for anyone to play role support because if a disabled team can make us ineffective and useless throughout the game.
  • Limited crowd control, skill 1 only gives a high slow effect if the enemy gets hit repeatedly by the skill 1 attack, then skill 2 gives an immobilized effect if the enemy is not too far away when the skill is active, it can be said that she does not have the CC skill good to use especially when war 5 vs 5 teams.
  • Not having a good escape / mobility skill, even though she got the movement speed effect when using a skill but the instantaneous movement speed was not enough to help him avoid being hit by a sudden attack, so this hero will be very easily snatched and she does not have any movement mechanism to help him escape, the only hope of being hit is to use skill 3 on a friend’s in another place and hope that during the skill casting process she is not killed.
  • The ultimate blunder potential skill, skill 3 has the potential to become a blunder when we enter the friend’s body and she dies from ganking (we will automatically exit the hero), it’s like picking up death because Angela doesn’t have any escape skills other than using her ultimate skill.
  • Half-skill effects, even though she is versatile but the drawback is that all of these abilities do not have a large effect, the healing effect of skill 1 is very small, damage skills 1 and 2 are also small, the damage skill will only be great if the enemy is attacked insistent from skills 1 and 2, but sane enemies will definitely avoid so that they are not hit by the stack many times, in practice it is very difficult to be able to hit 4-5 stack of skills 1.
We need to pay attention to what kind of support hero characteristics we use, whether the hero tends to specialize in financial skills like Estes, or more to good crowd control skills like Diggie.
By understanding the advantages and limitations of existing skills we can determine the strategies right in the game, but remember all hero support basically has to play safely like when we use mage, so don’t ever push turret/lane alone using support especially 1 vs 1 with other heroes, we have to rely more on teamwork and support friends throughout game.

Angela Best Build

Angela Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1
  • This build item tips apply to all hero support (pure support) in general because we need a cooldown reduction build as much as possible to be able to spam skills throughout the game (CDR 40%). Usually, with a build above, I get a full 40% cooldown reduction (item 35% + emblem 5%).
  • Enchanted Talisman ( First item ), + 50 Magic Power and Damage is not small and also this item gives a good + 20% Cooldown Reduction Reduces skill cooldown (CD reduction)
  • Magic Shoes ( second item), Reduce cooldown skill ( +10% CD reduction )
  • The Necklace of Durance item (third item) is very useful to give a 50% reduction in healing effect, so even though we cannot give significant damage, at least we can reduce the lifesteal of the enemy team by half, of course this effect will be very influential and decisive team fight victory, especially during late game.
  • The Ice Queen Wand item (fourth item) is useful to give a slow effect when the skill is about the enemy, so it’s quite useful to help friends / ourselves when trying to run away or chase enemies.
  • Blood Wings ( fifth item ), Blood Wing significantly increases our magic power, if we use a mage with this item, enemy heroes can be drained of blood easily. Even thin heroes usually only use a single combo skill.
  • The last item (Immortality) is useful for extra defense and second life if we are killed, we can replace this item with another magic item if we don’t want to use defense items at all.
  • Based on my experience, defense items have little effect on support heroes because they are still soft and easily killed (unless there are special effects from defense items that can make other contributions such as Immortality), besides build burst magic damage is also not suitable for hero support because it is far less than the mage, so focus on cooldown reduction and items that have passive skill effects such as slow down, reduce healing / defense, etc.
  • The build item above is not a 100% benchmark for support, because the build item is just the standard I normally use when playing role support, there are many other magic/defense items that may be more suitable for certain situations, but still our most important must always prioritize cooldown reduction because all hero support is very dependent on skill.
The most suitable battle spell for Angela and hero support, in general, is Healing and Flicker.
  • Use Healing to recover your cell phone and where our team is at a critical time, this spell is usually suitable for healer heroes like Rafaela and Estes so they can give as much help as possible.
  • Use Flicker to run away when critical situation, because Angela does not have a good movement/escape mechanism, then this spell will be far more useful and recommended to use.

For emblems, we can use Magic or Support emblems.

Tips,  tricks and guide for Angela:

  • Give a buff / jungle to our other friends (hayabusa or other assasins) because the exp and gold are far more important to give to them, don’t lust after killing because support is not designed to kill but helps the team to get a kill (assist), unless there is an opportunity that can be utilized like a critical opponent.
  • Our main task is to support and back up friends from behind, spam the skills that are available properly, maximize 1 Angela’s skills with regard to our team hero and the opposing team (find the right position where friends and enemies are aligned) so we can heal the team and damage to the opposing team at once.
  • We better use hero lock mode so that when using skill 2 so we don’t attack the wrong target. If we want to target the maximum damage from skill 2 (stack skill 1 5x), then use skill 2 when the enemy has been hit by skill 1 at least 3 times in a row, even better if they have been hit by 4/5 stack skill 1 so just use the skill 2 and keep the distance so that the enemy is not separated from the skill 2 thread until damage is produced.
  • Pay attention to the map often and check the condition of our team in another lane, if they are in trouble / critical we can immediately come to help by using the ultimate skill (this is the main advantage of Angela compared to other support). Besides this skill 3 is also useful for escaping when hit by an opponent’s alley, so make the most of this teleportation effect as important as possible.